Action Man Victoria Cross
(First issue - crimson ribbon / more detail)

Action Man Victoria Cross
(Second issue - red ribbon / less detail)

Third issue with loop on top instead of twin pins.


Action Man Iron Cross

Action Man Croix de Guerre
(First - More stripes / More detail)

Action Man Croix de Guerre
(Second issue - less stripes / less detail)




British Infantryman /
Australian Jungle Fighter


German Stormtrooper / German Staff Officer


French Resistance Fighter


Action Man Order of Lenin

Action Man Silver Star

Tommy Gunn Medal cluster


Russian Infantryman


American Green Beret


Tommy Gunn Grenadier Guard


N.B. Subtle variations to medals are to be noted from Country to Country.

Action Man 40th Anniversary medals:

Beware of 40th Anniversary re-issues being sold as vintage and at a premium - there are subtle differences on careful inspection. Images below courtesy of

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Action Man Medals