Action Man Electronic Command Centre with sound effects
Bunker with radar, machine gun, large gun, opening hatches, card battle scene and accessories:
Stirling sub machine gun, SLR Rifle, 3 x dynamite, detonator, fire extinguisher, headphones, signal gun, canteen and cutlery, primus stove, 2 x sandbags and binoculars: Click here to see paperwork.

Action Man Command Centre sound effects (Quicktime required)

Action Man footwear:

Tall brown boots Tall black boots
Jackboots Short black boots with laces
Jackboots with spurs Short black boots
Snow boot shoe (officer)

SAS Secret Mission:

Action Man SAS Secret Mission

Action Man Special Operations Kit:

Action Man Special Operations Kit
Action Man Special Operations Tent (figure, and bed shown in tent were available separately):



More to follow...

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