Note on weapons: Generally elastic strap weapons are earlier versions, and plastic strap are later.
Luger (German) 7.65 sub machine gun (French)
Lebel revolver Schmeisser sub machine gun (German)
'Pineapple' Grenade Stick Grenade (German)
Long Knife Flare Pistol
SLR rifle Bayonet and scabbard (SLR)
Carbine (Paratrooper) and bayonet (US) Sten sub machine gun and Clip (British)
Colt 45 Pistol Thompson sub machine gun
Grenade Launcher M16 rifle
Heckler & Koch sub machine gun (SAS) Husky
Russian Anti-Tank Grenade Russian Degtyarov light machine gun
M1 Garand Vickers machine gun with tripod
Browning machine gun with tripod Stirling sub machine gun
Rifle rack Walther PPK Pistol




Action Man Weapons and equipment