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Action Man Figures

The ideal start page for a visit of Action Man HQ.

A brief history of the Palitoy Action Man between his launch in 1966 and the end of availability in 1984

Heads and hands
Date your figure using visual clues

Painted head and hard hands pictures
Flock Hair and gripping hands head pictures
Eagle eye head and gripping hands pictures

Body identifier
Date your Action Man using the Interactive Action Man body identifier by clicking on key manufacturing date periods

Buying and selling
What to look out for when buying or selling Action Man figures, including spotting repro dog tags, hands etc.

Action Man Talking Commander
Animated Painted Head Commander with sound files in .wav format.

Action Man Links
Other Action Man sites, including items for sale, other images and information and places to visit etc.

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Modern 1/6 scale action figures
Pictures of Action Man's equivalent military action figures including recent anniversary figures and the current Dragon range

Guestbook / Feedback
A popular place to share memories, help others, or to ask questions about Palitoy Action Man


Action Man Accessories

Action Man Uniforms
Find every uniform and figure ever made for the original 1966 - 1984 vintage Action Man here.

As a definitive list in chart form

Or as clickable thumbnails of figures wearing uniforms

Action Man Vehicles
Shown as pictures, box art and equipment manual pages

Action Man Equipment
Shown as pictures. Includes boots, mission pods, tents etc and various

Action Man Weapons
Shown as pictures. Includes guns, rifles, machine guns, explosives and grenades

Action Man Medals
Pictures of all the rare medals that came with the Soldiers of the Century/World figures

Action Man Boxes

By selection with pictures

Action Man Figure Boxes
Pictures of the Action Man painted head figure boxes from 1966 - 1970

Pictures of the Action Man flock hair figure boxes from 1970 - 1978

Pictures of the Action Man dynamic body and eagle eyes figure boxes from 1978 - 1984

Action Man Equipment Boxes
A picture of the significant accessory boxes, trays, and cards ranging from the vintage period of 1966 - 1984


Action Man Paperwork

Action Man Equipment Manuals
Research your Action Mans uniform or accessories by viewing the original brochures or catalogues.

By Selection with cover pictures

By direct selection:
1966 Equipment Manual (Soldier)
1966 Equipment Manual (Pilot)
1966 Equipment Manual (Sailor)
1967 Equipment Manual (Soldier)

1967 Equipment Manual (Pilot)
1967 Equipment Manual (Sailor)
1967 Equipment Manual (Other)
1969 Equipment Manual

1970 Equipment Manual
1972 Equipment Manual
1973 Equipment Manual
1974 Equipment Manual
1975 Equipment Manual
1976 Equipment Manual
1977 Equipment Manual
1978 Equipment Manual
1979 Equipment Manual
1981-on Equipment Manual

Action Man Intelligence Manuals
Came with early figures.

By selection with cover pictures

By direct selection:
1966 Army Manual
1966 Navy Manua
1966 Air Manual
1967-73 Intelligence Manua
1973-on Intelligence Manual

Action Man Star Cards
The Action Man Star Card scheme, wherby you collected stars from the packaging and traded them for accessories or new figures.

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Action Man instruction sheets, information papers and miscellaneous
Includes papers, books, wallpapers and records.

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