The original Action Man head dating between 1966 and 1970 was a hard, solid, painted head figure in black, brown, blond, and auburn. The face had fine features complete with dicreet battle scar, porcelain-like quality and distinguished stare into the middle-distance reminiscent of a war memorial. This Action Man head can suffer from 'hair-rub' where patches of the hair colour or eyebrows rub away revealing flesh coloured scalp. Also many pieces of headwear (such as the early elasticated Red Beret) would slip about on the shiny head. This head was redesigned around the end of this first period to a softer hollow head before the introduction of the flock hair version of 1970.

Original hard auburn 'painted hair' head from 1966 available in red, black, yellow or brown hair


Soft hollow black 'painted hair' head pre 1970

All painted hair types had hard moulded hands




Action Man Painted Hair Head 1966 - 1970

Flock hair | Eagle eyes