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Action Man Uniform Period Chart from 1966
Periods covered 1966-84 (vintage), 2006-10 (40th), 2016 on (50th)

This guide is compiled from the official Action Man Equipment Manuals from the main periods listed and is intended to show rough periods Action Man uniforms were made available. Some vintage Action Man uniforms went through a 2nd generation when materials became lighter and accessories changed slightly. You can jump to the Action Man equipment manuals mentioned by clicking the numbers in the red bar at the top or the chart to view the very high res PDF files.

Where we have a Action Man figure photographed, this appears as a link too - by simply clicking the name.

It is interesting to note that some years' vintage Action Man manuals have uniforms absent that appeared in preceeding and in following years' Action Man manuals - and one shouldn't assume that those Action Man uniforms were discontinued for that year. Also note that listings in this chart are quite literal to the Action Man manual's contents and may well differ from UK toy shop's contents at the time. Information becomes sketchy in the early 1980s as by the end of production Action Man manuals (or rather fold-out Action Man posters) were no longer yearly and were not totally representative of available uniforms - there were obviously more - here we have had to assume some dates. 1984 became the sell-off-old-stock year, and many odd combinations were released to clear lines.

Boxed figures are denoted by a dot next to the listing.

(*) Action Man uniform actually made from one or more carded accessories added to basic uniform.
(SOTC) = Action Man Soldiers of the Century/World.
(INT) ="Internationals" - Reduced outfit versions, lighter material, toward end of production.
(ST) = Special Team.

Equipment Manual No (click No. to see)>

10 40th 50th

Approx year of release or years covered by manual/poster:

2006-10 2016-

In Equipment manual for that year
Assumed available although not in manual
• Boxed Figure

Painted Head
Flock Haired
(gripping hands 73-)
Eagle Eyes
(Dynamic body 78-)
Action Sailor                              
Action Soldier 1966, 40th or 50th                            
Adventurer 1970 or 1973 or 1977                             
Afrika Korps (INT)                              
Afrika Korps Lance Corporal                            
Air Police*                              
American Green Beret (SOTC)                            
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders                        
Armoured Car Commander*                          
Army Medic*                              
Arctic Assault (ST)                              
Assault Copter pilot (Helicopter Pilot)                              
Atomic Man                              
Australian Jungle Fighter (SOTC)                            
Australian Jungle Fighter (SOTW)                       
Beachhead Assault *                                
Battle of Britain Pilot                              
Blues and Royals (Royal Horse Guards)                              
Breeches Buoy                                
Bobby Moore                              
British Army Officer                            
British Infantryman (WW2) SOTC or from 1973 SOTW, or 2016 50th                  
British Infantryman (Modern)                              
British Infantry Major                              
Bullet Man                                
Camp Kommandant (Colditz)                          
Captain Zargon                                
Combat Demolitions Engineer*                            
Combat Paratrooper* or 50th                              
Combat Soldier*                              
Combat Engineer Surveyor*                            
Command Post*                            
Crash Crew (Silver)                                
Crash Crew (Later)                                
Deep Sea Diver                            
Desert Fighter                              
Despatch Rider                              
Escape Officer (Escape from Colditz)                            
Field Commander and Field Radio                                
Field Training Exercise                              
Footballer (Action) 1969, Action/Sharpshooter thereafter, or 50th                              
Football Kits (assorted)                          
Footballer Arsenal                              
Footballer Aston Villa                                
Footballer Bobby Moore Limited Edition - 50th                              
Footballer 'cards' (various kits & colours)                            
Footballer (Glasgow) Celtic                          
Footballer Chelsea                              
Footballer Everton                                
Footballer Glasgow Rangers                                
Footballer Leeds Utd                                
Footballer Liverpool                              
Footballer Manchester Utd                              
Footballer Newcastle                          
Footballer Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs)                              
Footballer West Ham Utd                          
Footballer World Cup                               
French Foreign Legion SOTW                             
French Resistance Fighter SOTC (or from 1973 SOTW)                          
Frogman (black early then orange from 1979) • or 50th 'Scuba Diver'                            
Gargon (Electronic monster)                                
German Paratrooper (INT)                            
German Staff Officer                            
German Stormtrooper (last version)                            
German Stormtrooper SOTC (or from 1973 SOTW)                  
Go Kart (Driver)                          
Green Beret SOTC                            
Grenadier Guards                            
Ground Assault (ST)                              
Heavy Weapons (Support Weapons)*                          
Helicopter Pilot                            
High Altitude (Explorer)*                            
High Rescue                                
Highway Hazard                                
Indian Brave                                
Indian Chief                                
Jet Pilot (INT)                                
Jungle Explorer                            
Jungle Fighter*                              
(Camp) Kommandant                              
Landing Signal Officer                              
Life Guards                            
Long Range Desert Group                            
Luftwaffe Pilot                              
Medic (see also Army) (2 versions in 1978)                                
Marines Combat Uniform                              
Military Policeman (1st issue)                                
Mine Detection 1967* and Mine Detection 1975                              
Missile Assault (ST)                              
Mountain and Arctic                              
Mountain Rescue                              
Navy Attack*                              
Navy Dress Parade*                            
Olympic Champion 1969 and 1972                              
Panzer Captain                              
Parachute Regiment (includes as SOTC 1972)                          
Parachute Regiment (INT)                            
Patroller (Space Ranger)                                
Polar Explorer                            
Police Motorcycle Rider                                
Pursuit Craft Pilot                          
Racing Car (Grand Prix Driver)                            
Red Devil (Skydiver)                            
RNLI Sea Rescue                              
Royal Air Force                                
Royal Canadian Mounted Police (from Star scheme)          
Royal Engineers                                
Royal Hussar                               
(Royal) Marines Combat Uniform 1971                          
(Royal) Marines Combat Uniform Modern) 1980                              
Royal Marines ('No.3' Dress Uniform)(Ceremonial)                          
Royal Marines Mountain and Arctic (also Mountain and Arctic)                                
Royal Marines Exploration Team                              
Royal Military Police              
Russian Infantryman SOTC                            
Russian Infantryman (INT)                              
Royal Military Police                               
Sabotage *                              
SAS Outfit (1980)                              
SAS Commander                              
SAS Key Figure                            
SAS Parachute Attack                            
SAS Secret Mission                              
SAS Underwater Attack                              
Scout (Cowboy)                          
Scramble Pilot*                                
Secret Mission to Dragon Island                              
Ski Patrol* (see also Mountain and Arctic) or 50th                        
Soldier 1970 or 1973 or 1975 or 1977 or 1983                            
Space Explorer                              
Space Ranger Captain                                
Space Ranger Commando                              
Space Ranger Talking Commander (1982)                                
Sportsman (footballer)                            
Survival (*)                                
(Talking) Commander / 1973 gripping hands / 1983 Eagle Eye                              
Tank Commander                              
Tank Commander (INT)                            
Tom Stone                                
Tracksuit (sports man / footballer)                            
Treasure Hunter (Underwater Explorer)                            
UN Peace Force (INT)                              
Underground Rescue                                
Underwater Assault (ST)                              
Underwater Explorer                              
Underwater Film Unit (Underwater Explorer)                            
US Machine Gunner                                
USMC (US Marine) (INT)                              
US Paratrooper                          
Zargonite Soldier                              
7th Cavalry                            
17th/21st Lancers                              

Approx year of release or years covered:

2006-10 2016