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40th Anniversary range 2006 - c.2010

This is the list of the '40th Anniversary Nostalgic Collection' issued from 2006, of sets replicated from the original vintage Palitoy products of 1966-84. In 2006 Hasbro granted the licence to Modellers Loft in the UK to reproduce the Palitoy back catalogue of uniforms, for limited release to collectors. Most 40th Anniversary sets included a vintage style uniform card, and a boxed figure (typically the correct period) in a special presentation tray clearly labeled '40th Anniversary Nostalgic Collection'. Once the outer presentation box was removed however, it proves very difficult to spot that the re-issues were not in fact vintage. Indeed, some of the earliest 40th figures and packaging did not originally have any text alluding to the fact that it was in fact a copy. This had to be rectified and they subsequently include the line stating it was ©Hasbro 2006. The range is thought to have finalised by 2010. Thanks go to Lui (UAMHQ Forum) for compiling this list.

Action Man 40th Anniversary Sets

Brown Beard
Blond Beard
Brown Gripping

Blond Gripping

Blond Beard Gripping
Brown Beard Gripping

KEY: EE - Eagle Eyes head, SB - Side burns (Sportsman)

Painted Head Figure

Flock Haired Figure
Eagle Eyes Dynamic Body
1st Wave                            
Armoured Car Commander / Action Soldier
Navy Frogman / Action Sailor                          
Chelsea / Action Sportsman                          
Life Guards / Soldier                          
2nd Wave                            
Cricketer / Action Pilot                          
American Green Beret / Action Soldier                          
Argyll & Sutherland Highlander / Soldier                          
Deep Sea Diver / Sailor (HMS Ark Royal)                          
3rd Wave                            
German Stormtrooper / Action Soldier                          
Mountaineer / Adventurer                          
French Foreign Legion (Dark Blue) / Sailor (HMS Fearless)                          
Blues & Royals / Soldier                          
4th Wave                            
Medic / Action Soldier                          
Astronaut / Action Pilot                          
17 / 21st Lancer / Adventurer                          
Parachute Regiment / Soldier                          
Parachute Equipment                            
5th Wave                            
Australian Jungle Fighter / Action Soldier                          
Olympic Champion / Action Sailor                          
Manchester United / Sportsman         SB                  
The Marine Combat / Sailor (HMS Dreadnought)                          
6th Wave                            
Arsenal / Sportsman                          
British Infantryman / Action Soldier                          
Polar Explorer / Adventurer                          
Base Camp / Adventurer                          
7th Wave                            
Combat Field Jacket / Action Soldier                          
Bivouac Sleeping Bag                            
Liverpool / Sportsman           SB                
British Royal Military Police / Sailor (HMS Victory)                          
Polar Explorer Sledge and Dog Team                            
8th Wave                            
Escape from Colditz                            
Camp Kommandant / Soldier                          
Infantry Support Weapons / Action Soldier                          
Afika Korps Lance Corporal / Soldier                          
Rifle Rack                            
9th Wave                            
Ski Patrol / Talking Commander                          
British Army Officer / Talking Commander                          
Jungle Explorer River Craft                            
West Ham Utd / Sportsman                          
Royal Marines / Talking Commander                          
Camo fatigues and parachute pack                            
10th Wave                            
Russian Infantryman / Action Soldier                          
Bivouac Pup Tent                            
Battle of Britain Pilot / Helicopter Pilot                          
SAS Parachute Attack / SAS                          
Long Range Desert Group / Desert Fighter                          
French Foreign Legion (Light Blue)/ Action Soldier                          
11th Wave                            
Red Devil Parachutist / Talking Commander                          
Jungle Explorer / Talking Commander                          
Navy Attack / Action Sailor                          
Tottenham Hotspur / Sportsman                          
Green polar coat                            
Blue polar coat                            
Polar sleeping bag                            
12th Wave                            
Royal Canadian Mounted Police / Talking Commander (+ Free Brutus)                          
French Resistance Fighter / Action Soldier                          
Royal Hussar / Indian Brave                          
7th Cavalry / Cowboy                 EE        
Blue Stripe football shirt                            
Blue football shirt                            
Green football shirt                            
Orange football shirt                            
Red Stripe football shirt                            
White football shirt                            
13th Wave                            
Treasure Hunter and Orange Frogman                            
Panzer Captain / SAS                          
Grenadier Guard / Soldier                          
Newcastle Utd / Sportsman                          
Luftwaffe Pilot / Talking Commander                          
German Staff Officer / SAS                          
Special Operations Kit                            
Snow Parka                            
14th Wave                            
RNLI Sea Rescue / Soldier                          
Underwater Film Unit and blue frogman jacket/shorts                            
US Paratrooper / Soldier                          
German Stormtrooper (last) / German Fallschirmjager                          
Celtic / Sportsman                          
Brest Plates                            
Engineer Surveyor                            
Engineer Construction                            
Full parade accoutrement                            
High altitude equipment                            
Sports man stand                            
Brutus (Free with RCMP)