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Scramble Pilot 1966

Period: Painted Head

Dates: 1966 until 1969

Cat No: 93831110 and 34302

Based on Action Pilot figure:

Black boots are needed from the basic pilot figure.


Ready for action at a moment's notice, the Scramble Pilot is basically an accessorised Action Man Action Pilot. The accessories could be bought separately. The Action Man Scamble Pilot had no plane to fly for many years (unlike the GI Joe version pre-dating this piece), having to wait until 1978 when a Combat Plane was manufactured for a year.


93937020 (and 34302):

SCRAMBLE SET: Full Set. Zippered flight suit, life vest, pistol belt, holster, pistol, clip board, pencil. Equipment Manual.

93937010 (and 34301):

SURVIVAL SET: Life raft, oar, sea anchor, flare gun, first aid kit, knife and scabbard. Equipment Manual.

Equipment Cards:

94037500 (and 34401):

SCRAMBLE AIR VEST & ACCESSORIES: Air vest, flare gun, knife, scabbard, first aid kit. Equipment Manual.

94037510 (and 34402):

SCRAMBLE CRASH HELMET: Crash helmet with face mask and orange oxygen tube. Equipment Manual.

94037520 (and 34403):

SCRAMBLE PARACHUTE PACK: Dummy parachute pack and harness. Equipment Manual.


The oxygen mask pipe should have a black plug at end. Equipment and Set catalogue numbers were renamed (away from the GI Joe convention) and hence 93937020 became 34302 from c.1968. The crash helmet swing down visor is often repaired or broken, being fragile and should have a single circular sponge inside. The Action Man Air Vest has three looped straps that hold together by a two ring/ hook fixing at the back. Sometimes they don't quite reach, and it is not known whether this is sloppy manufacture or shrinkage over time. The pencil, being a very small piece is often absent - it can be reproduced by painting and fashioning a cocktail stick so beware when buying. The paper clip can be easily broken and the plain paper is unlikey to be mint or even present in most cases. The Survival Set was similar to the Action Sailor's Sea Rescue Set.

Action Pilot wearing Scramble Pilot Accessories with Survival Set in background

Action Man Scramble Pilot

Action Man Pilot wearing basic Scramble Pilot set only - helmet was extra purchase

Action Man Scramble Pilot

Action Pilot with Scramble Pilot clip board, pad and (working) pencil

Scramble Pilot Helmet underside

Action Man Scramble Jet Pilot

Action Man Air Vest: There should be a central strap 'S' hook, like a figure of eight at the back to take the two side strap split rings. These are more often than not missing. Sometimes the straps would not be long enough to fit round waist and one would have to leave it undone.

Action Man Life Vest

Buy replacement repro stickers for Action Man Scramble Pilot Helmet here

Action Man Scramble Pilot repro stickers

Scramble Pilot Helmet - goggles flip up

Action Man Scramble Jet Pilot

Action Man Action Pilot with Scramble Pilot Knife (an accessory)

Scramble Pilot in Air Manual with equipment from the 93937010 Survival Set

Scramble Pilot in the Survival Set

Action Man Scamble Pilot Survival

1966 Action Man Air Manual

Action Man metal dog-tag

1966 Action Man Air Manual

Action Man metal dog-tag

Action Man Equipment Cards


93937020 and 34302

Action Man Scamble Pilot Box

94037520 and 34403

94037510 and 34402

94037500 and 34401

93937010 and 34301

1966 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1966

1968 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1968