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Polar Explorer 1969

Period: All Periods

Dates: 1969-c.80

Cat No: various


Action Man was becoming less military, and more adventurous by the late 1960s. The Polar Explorer, Jungle Explorer, and Mountaineer sets of 1969 were a new way of giving Action Man adventures without war at the forefront. A separate Base Camp was also made for him. The accessories could be bought separately and included:

Action Man Polar Explorer Sets:


POLAR EXPLORER: Anorak, jersey, over-trousers, gloves, boots, rucksack, goggles, skis, ski sticks, sextant, information leaflet. Equipment Manual.

35002: (1969-1971)

SLEDGE AND DOG TEAM: Sledge, 3 x Husky dogs, 3 x harnesses, 4 x supply boxes, rope, mileometer wheel, information leaflet. Equipment Manual.

35005: (1969-1970)

BASE CAMP: Tent, flag,storm lamp, primus stove, mug, knife, fork, spoon, mess tin, billy can, entrenching tool, information leaflet. Equipment Manual.


Action Man Polar Explorer Equipment Cards:


POLAR ACCESSORIES: Show shoes, knitted hat, compass, map cannister, polar map. Equipment Manual.


SNOW PARKA: Snow Parka, goggles. Equipment Manual.


SUPPLY SLEDGE: Supply sledge. Equipment Manual.


SLEEPING BAG: Fleece lined sleeping bag. Equipment Manual.


The Polar Explorer was a popular set, especially when it snowed. 1st issue materials were of heavier material than later versions and little details such as ski stick tips not having silver tip, hat becoming plastic, etc. The woven union jack was later replaced by a printed one. Over-trousers went from hooked braces to elastic. White rimmed goggles went from elastic to plastic straps, skis from spring tethers to elastic bands! The jersey should be black. The Polar Explorer is often paired with a blue Anorak (to match over-trousers) however strictly speaking this was originally intended for the Mountaineer. The map is a polar region version and not the 'countryside' version associated with the soldier ranges. A Base Camp and a Sledge and Dog Team were sets that were available for the early Polar Explorer, but these were not available much past 1971.

40th Range

Action Man Polar Explorer

Action Man Polar Explorer

Action Man Polar Rucksack

Action Man Rucksack

Action Man Polar Explorer accessories. See Base Camp

Earlier, and later Action Man anoraks showing Union Jack types

Action Man Anorak Parka

Action Man Polar Explorer Information Leaflet

Action Man Polar Explorer jersey. Hat from other equipment card.

Action Man Sextant - early versions and 40th have silver detailing.

Action Man Sextant

Action Man Polar Explorer wearing Mountaineer blue Anorak

Action Man Polar Explorer and Huskys

Action Man Polar Explorer Information Leaflet

Replacement Polar / Arctic Maps available:

Action Man Polar Maps replacement

Action Man Equipment Cards





A 1971 Action Man Book on the subject was also available

Action Man Books



SLEEPING BAG 35203 (image courtesy of Vectis Auctions)

1969 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1969