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Army Medic Set 1966

Period: Painted Head

Dates: 1966 until 1968/9

Cat No: 3635080

Based on Action Soldier figure:

Brown boots are needed from the basic figure.


"Kit out your Action Man for every phase of military service with these authentic true-scale equipment sets", read the Equipment Manual. The Army Medic figure, is basically an accessorised Action Soldier. The accessories could be bought separately and included:



ARMY MEDIC SET: Collapsible Stretcher, First Aid Shoulder Pouch, Stethoscope, Plasma Bottle, 4 x bandage rolls and gauze with brass safety pins, 2 x long splint, 2 x short splint, Crutch, 2 x Arm bands, Flag
(no helmet!) Equipment Manual

Equipment Cards:


FIRST AID: Shoulder pouch, helmet 2 x arm bands. Equipment Manual.


MEDIC: Stethoscope, crutch, plasma bottle, gauze, bandages, splints, safety pin. Equipment Manual.



BEACHHEAD ASSAULT JUNGLE TUNIC: Camo tunic. Equipment Manual.


BEACHHEAD ASSAULT JUNGLE PANTS: Camo pants (trousers). Equipment Manual.


The Action Man Army Medic, like the MP set, was complete all bar the required helmet. This made another equipment card necessary. The accessories would be added either to the basic Action Soldier fatigues, or Beachhead Jungle fatigues as shown here. The first issue shown here had a white square at the centre of the familiar red cross, later versions didn't. Many other accessories were available for pocket money prices, and it would have taken a few trips to the toy shop to get a completely kitted out Soldier. The Army Manual (that was included with the boxed Action Soldier) had details of how to set up this figure, and the accessories available. In 1975 a 2nd issue Medic was released with slightly different accessories list and a uniform.

Action Man Army Medic Beachhead Assault fatigues

Action Man Army Medic Crutch and Splints

Action Man Army Medic - Canteen and belt added for effect

Action Man Army Medic Plasma bottle

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GI Joe Medic Armbands

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