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Medic 1975 (2nd Issue)

Period: Flock Head/Eagle Eye

Dates: 1975 until c.1978

Cat No: 34165

Action Man Mine Detection set

2nd Issue Action Man Medic Description:

This is the second main issue of the Medic, replacing the first issue Medic. This new set first appears in the 1975 Official Equipment Manual and ran for approximately 4 years.


The Medic outfit featured a lighter weight two piece uniform with the red cross emblem on the armband, flag, medical box and helmet. The plasma bottle drip, triangular bandage, long splints, safety pin and some other items from the 1960s iteration of this Medic uniform were dropped, however it redeemed itself by including a shirt, trousers, boots and medical box for the first time.


The back of the tray packaging, which offered three collector's stars, also had cut-out, stand-up cardboard signs of First Aid Post, Medic, Military Hospital and Field Hospital to further add play value. These two factors make finding an intact box very difficult. A First Aid Centre set (a similar principle to the Special Operations Tent) with a white tent and table and chairs included this uniform. The First Aid Centre doesn't feature in any brochure of the time making it hard to date.

Action Man Medic (2nd Issue):


MEDIC SET: Shirt, Trousers, Short Black Boots, Red Cross Armband, Stretcher, Red Cross flag, two short splints, two rolled bandages, Medical Box, Helmet, Stethoscope and Crutch, leaflet, Equipment Manual.


The Red Cross flag on the first issue medic had a hollow centre, but this second version has the familiar complete red cross on the accessories. The transparent stickers can dry out and fall off.

Action Man Medic (2nd issue)

Action Man Medic

Action Man Medic rear of outfit (2nd issue)

Action Man Medic accessories included stretcher, flag, splints, medical box, stethoscope and bandages.

Action Man Medic

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Action Man Red Cross Armbands

Action Man Medic (2nd issue)

Action Man Medic Helmet with transparent sticker (2nd issue)

Action Man First Aid Centre was set produced and included the uniform. Image courtesy of EagleEyesActionStation.

This 2nd issue Medic first appears in the 1975 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1975

Action Man Medic Set Box


c.1975 MEDIC SET 34165 Image courtesy of EagleEyesActionStation

Action Man Medic 2nd issue box

c.1975 MEDIC SET rear of box 34165 Image courtesy of EagleEyesActionStation