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German Stormtrooper 1973

Period: Flock Head

Dates: 1967 until c.1980

Cat No: 34140

German Stormtrooper (Soldiers of the World) Description:

The basic Action Man Action Soldier figure from 1966, could be accessorised with one of these popular uniforms from the range entitled "Soldiers of the Century" (SOTC) that first appeared in c.1967 and appear in the 1968 Equipment Manual. They included the British Infantryman, German Stormtrooper, Russian Infantryman, Australian Jungle Fighter, French Resistance Fighter and American Green Beret. All sets were available in one complete set, or on two 'half cards'. Also included with the set was the 'Intelligence Manual' - showing line drawings of all the soldiers, their equipment and a brief summary of their exploits. The range was renamed in 1973 as 'Soldiers of the World (SOTW), basically unchanged except for few material changes described below.'

Action Man Soldiers of the WORLD Range:

34140 (and 34167):

ACTION MAN GERMAN STORMTROOPER SET: Tunic, trousers, boots (jackboots), helmet, cartridge belt, 2 x triple cartridge sections, Luger pistol, holster, field pack, 2 x 'stick' grenades, Schmeisser sub machine gun, Iron Cross, Intelligence Manual, Equipment Manual.

Equipment 'Half' Cards:

34252 (and 34252):

ACTION MAN GERMAN STORMTROOPER UNIFORM: Tunic, trousers, boots, helmet. Intelligence Manual, Equipment Manual.

34247 (and 34247):

ACTION MAN GERMAN STORMTROOPER EQUIPMENT: Cartridge belt, 2 x triple cartridge sections, Luger pistol, holster, 2 x 'stick' grenades, Schmeisser sub machine gun, Iron Cross. Intelligence Manual, Equipment Manual.



The German Stormtrooper was a very popular set, dating from 1967, along with the British Infantryman. Helmets for 1973 have stickers - the Swastika was also dropped at a later stage (buy replacement helmet stickers here). The Schmeisser should have elastic or more commonly from mid seventies, plastic strap for the period of SOTW range. 2nd issue tunics were a lighter weight fabric than previous editions found with the SOTC. A similar uniform is the Colditz German Guard of 1974. There are varying shades over the years from dark green to almost turquoise. (See German Staff Officer). The MP40 Schmeisser is easily damaged. The fold up stock was stuck at various angles by Palitoy. Generally speaking, square poppers inside uniform are later issue than the earlier round ones. The Iron cross appears in other sets and isn't too uncommon. A later variation of German Stormtrooper uniform with more accurate webbing ('Y' harness and water bottle) and a rifle was introduced in the 1980s.

40th Range

Action Man German Stormtrooper SOTW. Lighter fabric with rectangular pockets.

Action Man German Stormtrooper

SOTW German Stormtrooper - lighter fabrics used.

Later German Stormtrooper helmet paper sticker - Note Swastika has been deleted

Replacement repro decals and stickers available:

German Helmet Stickers

Replacement self adhesive fabric badges available here

SOTW German Stormtrooper later issue helmet with stickers (foreground)

Action Man Iron Cross Medal (a WW1 type!)

Action Man  Iron Cross Medal

SOTC and early SOTW German Stormtrooper Schmeisser (top)
and later SOTW (bottom)

More common German Stormtrooper for SOTC and SOTW backpack (left) with later lockerbox version SOTW (right)

Replacement Iron Cross medal ribbon repro decals and stickers available:

German Helmet Stickers

Action Man German Stormtrooper Equipment Cards


SOTW 34140

German Stormtrooper box 34140

SOTW 34247 (image courtesy of Vectis Auctions Ltd)

NOTE: Contents on this particular card do not match contents by some margin. Palitoy was often swapping pieces, and this makes a definitive list an impossibility.

SOTW 34247 (image courtesy of Vectis Auctions Ltd)

Action Man Intelligence Manual Pages


Action Man Soldiers of the World Intelligence Manual

1973 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1973

SOTW Intelligence Manual German Stormtrooper