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Camp Kommandant 1974

Period: Flock Head

Dates: 1974-c.76

Cat No: 34151

Camp Kommandant Description:

Originally launched in 1974 the [Colditz] 'Camp Kommandant', was part of a range built upon the success of a BBC TV series about Colditz Castle during World War 2. Also available was a British Escape Officer with an attaché case with a piece-together weapon worthy of 'Q' in James Bond. An 'Escape from Colditz' box set with Guard uniform, Escape Officer uniform, along with accessories and a cardboard sentry box and Escape papers was also a exceptional piece to own.

Action Man Camp Kommandant:


CAMP KOMMANDANT: Shirt, trousers (straight), jackboots, greatcoat, belt, Luger pistol, holster, Schmeisser machine gun, cap, baton, information leaflet, Equipment Manual.



The Action Man Colditz Camp Commandant had an undershirt with no buttons and little detail, and a greatcoat to the same pattern as the British Escape Officer. The machine gun strap would have been either elastic or plastic as they swapped in the mid-seventies. Unlike the Action Man German Staff Officer, the Camp Kommandant did not wear riding breeches, and had a straight cut to his trousers. The belt, holster and pistol are familiar, as are the jackboots. Earlier caps had a red dot on the emblem, later versions were plain silver. Pictured is an earlier Action Man dating from 1966 for display. The 'current' Action Man in 1974 had flock hair and gripping hands (introduced in 1973).

40th Range

Action Man Camp Kommandant (goggles from another set)

Action Man Camp Kommandant

Action Man German Officer's hat

Action Man Camp Kommandant baton - note stitch lines

Action Man German Camp Kommandant shirt

Action Man Camp Kommandant collar (replacement collar badges available)

1974 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1974

Action Man Camp Kommandant Set


CAMP KOMMANDANT 34151 (40th shown)

Replacement self adhesive fabric badges available here