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Fireman 1978

Period: Eagle Eyes

Dates: c.1978 until c.1980

Cat No: 34324

Action Man Fireman 34514 (Uniform) Contents:

Star Card
Equipment Manual

Action Man Fireman 34513 (Equipment) Contents:


Small Axe

Tool belt

Metal cutter


Star Card
Equipment Manual

Action Man Fireman (Backpack) Contents:

Large Axe

Backpack with foam lance
Star Card
Equipment Manual

Action Man Fireman Description:

The Action Man Fireman was released in 1978 in 'Emergency' services themed carded part sets - Fireman Uniform, Fireman Equipment, and Fireman Backpack. Moving away from military content, the Fireman is listed in the 1978 equipment manual, but not in the following year's edition so would have only enjoyed a short run. The Fireman in the trade catalogues is also listed as 34324. Within these Fireman Sets were a large axe (not shown), Backpack (not shown), smaller axe, pliers, metal cutter, flashlight and large bolt cutters. Here we show the Uniform and Equipment cards. Much of the equipment such as the belt was also available on Equipment Centre 'workshop' themed cards. The 'current' Action Man type of 1978 was the Eagle Eyes dynamic physique figure.


The Fireman helmet has weak pips either side, that the helmet strap connects to. These more often than not break off under any strain. There are two coats - the one shown here - similar to umbrella fabric, and a glossy plastic version. The trousers are same pattern as late Grenadier Guard and the boots are borrowed from the familiar German soldier sets. The tool belt is similar to the Crash Crew albeit a later manufacture, and it holds metal cutter, pliers, bolt cutters and flashlight. The plastic belt can snap or distort if played with roughly.

Action Man Fireman of 1978

Action Man Fireman

Action Man Fireman tool belt

Action Man Fireman toolbelt

Action Man Fireman helmet complete, and more common, broken

Action Man Fireman in 1978 Equipment Manual

Fireman Equipment Manualn

Action Man Fireman Helmet

Action Man Firemans helmet

Action Man Fireman with small axe

Action Man Fireman tool belt

1978 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1978