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Crash Crew 1967

Period: Painted Head

Dates: 1967-8

Cat No: 34503

Based on Action Man Action Pilot figure:

Boots are needed from the basic Action Pilot figure.

Crash Crew Description:

"Kit out your Action Man for every phase of military service with these authentic true-scale equipment sets", read the Equipment Manual. The Crash Crew Set was part of the Pilot range of 1967-68, an basically an accessorised Action Pilot. The accessories could be bought separately and included:

Action Man Crash Crew Equipment Set:


ACTION MAN CRASH CREW SET: Firefighter's jacket, trousers, protective hood with visor, boots (short silver), fire extinguisher (tall version), crash belt, axe, strap cutter, pliers, flashlight. Equipment Manual.


The Crash crew set tools are delicate and easily lost. The jacket and trousers use the same material as the Action Man Astronaut. Unlike the astronaut, the gloves have a black underside material panel. The pliers in this set are often missing or broken - they are the same as the Secret Mission to Dragon Island type. The metal cutter is a rare piece too. The axe and flashlight are common. Fire extinguisher tube connectors, and grip handle is very fragile and often broken.

Action Man Crash Crew Firefighter

Action Man Crash Crew

Action Man Crash Crew Firefighter

Action Man Crash Crew axe, pliers, metal cutter, torch

Action Man Crash Crew Protective Hood

Action Man Crash Crew Set

Action Man Crash Crew rear of outfit

1968 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1968


Action Man Crash Crew Equipment Set