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Paratrooper 1966

Period: Painted Head

Dates: 1966 until 1969

Cat No: 93635070

Based on Action Man Action Soldier figure:

Brown boots and fatigues are needed from the basic figure.

Paratrooper Description:

"Kit out your Action Man for every phase of military service with these authentic true-scale equipment sets", read the Equipment Manual. The Paratrooper is basically an accessorised Action Soldier. A version of the Paratrooper outfit was launched in January 2017 within the 50th Anniversary range. The 1966 accessories could be bought separately and included:

Action Man Paratrooper:

93635070 (and 34101):

ACTION MAN PARATROOPER PARACHUTE PACK SET: Parachute pack (not working), carbine, knife, scabbard, canteen, canteen cover, first aid pouch, pistol belt, 6 x hand grenades. Equipment Manual.

Equipment Cards:

93735510 (and 34201):

ACTION MAN COMBAT HELMET SET : Helmet, camo netting, plastic foliage.





93735660 (and 34208):

ACTION MAN PARATROOPER SMALL ARMS SET : Carbine, 6 x grenades, knife, scabbard, pistol belt, first aid pouch, canteen, canteen cover.

94037520 (or 34403):

ACTION MAN SCRAMBLE PARACHUTE PACK : Parachute pack (non-working).



The Action Man 'Combat' Paratrooper is a fully accessorised Action Soldier. He is typically paired with the 'Beachhead Assault Jungle Camouflage' tunic and trousers, as depicted on the box art - borrowed from The GI Joe 'Marine' original box. You will have also needed to purchase the Combat Helmet Set to complete the set. If you just preferred to buy the parachute, you could 'borrow' it from the Pilot range (see below). Many accessories were available for pocket money prices, and it would have taken a few trips to the toy shop to get a completely kitted out Paratrooper. The Army Manual (that was included with the boxed Action Soldier) had details of how to set up this figure, and other Action Man accessories available. A hard to find piece within this set is the helmet netting in good condition, and the Carbine bayonet hanger is vulnerable to damage. Early pistol belts had a adjustment slider. More often than not, elastics used in the helmet, Carbine and leg scabbard lose their elasticity, over-stretch, and need sympathetic replacing. The 2017 50th Anniversary edition Paratrooper packages the entire set along with working chute and hybrid figure. The Camo Fatigues and parachute were also produced in the 40th range.

40th Range

Action Man Combat Paratrooper fully accessorised (using beachhead camo)

Action Man Paratrooper

Action Man Combat Paratrooper parachute pack

Action Man Combat Paratrooper parachute pack

Action Man Combat Paratrooper first aid pouch and grenades

Action Man Paratrooper first aid pouch

Action Man Combat Paratrooper using the basic fatigues as alternative.

Action Man Paratrooper

Action Man Combat Paratrooper parachute pack details

Action Man Combat Paratrooper buckles

Vintage Action Man Paratrooper

Action Man Combat Paratrooper harness

Action Man Combat Soldier helmet with netting and plastic foliage

1966 Action Man Army Manual

Action Man Army Manual 1966

1966 Action Man Army Manual

Action Man Army Manual 1966

1966 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1966

Other Action Man Equipment Cards


93635070 and 34107



93735660 or 34208

93935510 and 34201

94037520 or 34403