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Astronaut Set 1967

Period: Painted Head

Dates: 1967 until c1971

Cat No: 34701

Action Man Astronaut

Action Man Astronaut Contents:

Space suit
Space helmet
Tether cord
Oxygen chest pack
Propellant gun with bar
Instruction Leaflet
Equipment Manual

Astronaut Description:

"Action Man's on the launching pad! He's got a helmet, spacesuit and a whole lot more - and it's all authentically modeled on that used by real live astronauts for Mercury flights" reads the Action Man Equipment Manual. A very popular set at the time and not hard to find in collections.


The Action Man Astronaut is fairly common but a few of his accessories are often missing or broken, such as the propellant gun (missing metal quarter pipe) and balance bar (snaps in two), and camera. The suit is fairly rigid, and strong and is often found in good condition, albeit with yellowed straps. It has a diagonal FRONT zip (many mistake this for the back), and straight zip at the back. The neckline is elasticated to tension around the helmet rim, giving an 'air-tight' fit. It is secured with hook and eye and one popper (snap).

The helmet should have a comms wire which plugs into the chest pack, or Space Capsule bulkhead. The little blue plug in the end of the orange tether cord / life line allows it to connect to the Space Capsule Bulkhead above Action Man's left shoulder. Helmet visors are also prone to breaking at one or both hinges. The white helmet can yellow presumably when kept from natural light, sometimes just one hemisphere, suggesting it may be plastic compounds at fault. There should be two cylindrical foam pads either side of inside of helmet (see images).

The elasticated bootees are best tucked outside the trousers to keep them on, the opposite for the gloves - if they are tucked inside they resist falling off. Elastics quite often degrade and need replacing. The long orange tether cord should have a blue plug in the end. The other end where it enters the oxygen chestpack has at least two different collar options - black or yellow. The wide elastic straps are sometimes overstretched and need replacing with similar cord. The camera's strap suffers the same fate.

A redesigned Action Man Astronaut set, with talking white plastic back pack (with coloured miniature records similar to the Field Commander's) featured in 1974. He had Silver short boots of the soldier style.

In 2016 an adapted Action Man Astronaut with a Union Jack arm badge (named Major Bob Tom) and Space Capsule were successfully sent into near space on Art+Science Mission Mercury 10. There is still a reward for his safe return.

40th Range

Action Man Astronaut of 1967

Action Man Spaceman

Action Man Astronaut Spacesuit

Action Man Spaceman

Astronaut Spacesuit and accessories

Space Capsule 34705 with Action Man logo on nose for Astronaut from c.1968

Space Capsule 34705 built to fit one Action Man

2nd issue Astronaut featured short silver boots

Space Capsule 34705 with no logo on nose is first type c.1967

Space Capsule leaflet was slightly different to the outfit set leaflet:

1966 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1966

1968 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1968

Action Man Astronaut Oxygen chest pack and back plate, propellant gun and camera. The little blue plug in the end allows it to connect to the Space Capsule Bulkhead above Action Man's left shoulder.


Action Man backpack suction cups and elastics


Action Man chestpack and camera detail


Action Man Astronaut close up


Action Man Astronaut Instructions (Outfit set version one sided)

Action Man Astronaut Leaflet

ASTRONAUT SET 34701 (image courtesy of Vectis Auctions)

Action Man Astronaut Box

ASTRONAUT SET - 2nd issue with talking backpack (white version of the field radio) and discs (pink and dayglo lime for Astronaut)

Action Man Astronaut Box

To bulk out the outfit the packaging contained a flesh coloured 3 part dummy as did the Red Devil Parachutist. A light green version was used for the Deep Sea Diver.

Action Man Astronaut Box

Space Capsule version of Astronaut Leaflet

Action Man Astronaut Box

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