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Air Police Set 1966

Period: Painted Head

Dates: 1966 until c1969

Cat No: 34405

Action Man AIr Police

Action Man Air Police Contents:

Field Phone and case (light grey)



Helmet (AP)

Action Man Air Police Equipment Card:

The Air Police Equipment Card 34405 was part of the Action Pilot range of equipment.


A blue Action Man uniform (Tunic) was issued later and collectors often choose this piece to complete the set. On release the accessory's most appropriate pairing might seem the Action Man Scramble Pilot's overalls or the orange zippered flight suit - both from the Action Pilot range. However one could suggest a more accurate choice might be the operational army fatigues as shown. The light grey vinyl case is unique to this set and is rare. The bayonet if susceptible to losing it's tip, and the bayonet hanger on the 'Carbine' can also break off easily.

Action Man Air Police on Action Soldier

Air Police Action Man

1966 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1966

Action Man Later uniform set and custom accessories

Action Man Air Police outfit

1966 Action Man Air Manual

Action Man metal dog-tag

1966 Action Man Air Manual

Action Man metal dog-tag

Action Man Equipment Cards


AIR POLICE 94037540



Action Man 34218