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Workshop Accessories 1977

Period: Eagle Eyes

Dates: 1977 until c.1979

Cat No: 34278

Action Man Workshop Accessories (Example - Tool Box):

Tool box

Removable tool box tray


Pliers (blue Handle)

Screwdriver (yellow handle)

Drill (orange or yellow)



Workshop Accessories Description:

The Action Man Workshop accessories were a series of pocket money priced 'Equipment Centre' cards that contained mixtures of key tools. In addition to the contents listed above for the tool box card version, were items such as a pick axe, sledge hammer, spade, pulley/winch, vehicle jack, tool belt with axe, torch, metal cutter and gold pliers (as worn by the Fireman), jerry can, small fire extinguisher, bolt cutters, rope and traffic cones.


The accessories were on separate cards but shared the catalogue number of 34278. They appear in the 1977 and 1978 equipment manuals. The tool box and various accessories were also offered through the star scheme on leaflet L574 around 1977 and again on Star Card L160 in 1978. The tip of the drill can sometimes be broken off, and the pliers (especially the gold type) can break easily. The tack hammer in the image below may not have come in this set. Check your tool box has the inner black tray included.

Action Man 'Workshop Accessories' Tool Box Set

Action Man Workshop Tools

Collection available on the star scheme (see below)

Action Man Belt Feed Machine Gun Box

Selection of tools on leaflet L574 (from a 1977 boxed figure).

Action Man L574

Tools worked into Star Card L160 (1978)).

Action Man L574

Action Man Tool Box contents

Action Man Tool Box

Tool belt (as per Fireman)

Action Man Workshop Accessories

Action Man Workshop Accessories range

Action Man Workshop Accessories