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Survival Set 1966

Period: All periods

Dates: 1966 until c1978

Cat No: Various

Action Man Survival Set Contents:

Inflatable life raft

Oar (wood colour)

Sea anchor with rope

Flare gun

First aid kit



Life Vest

Equipment Manual

Survival Set Description:

Scaled to fit one Action Man this set is the same as the shorter lived Sailor's range Sea Rescue Set but has the addition of a handy small plastic life vest (not needed for the sailor as he could be equipped with a Mae West). Envisaged to provide help to a downed Scramble Pilot 'in the drink' the raft was actually very hard to balance Action Man in due to its diminutive size and displacement. With its tendency to capsize it provided hours of bath time fun along with the Navy Frogman of the same period. It ran for many years, and the catalogue number changed through 93937010, 34301, 34161 and 34311 during this period.


The ever popular and common life raft crops up in the Sailor range too within the Sea Rescue set. The inflatable Life Raft is pretty tough and many survive, however the rope often loses its sea anchor, and/or rips from its mooring on the dinghy bow. The paddle (incorrectly named as an 'oar') barely goes through the stowage hoops and they can be torn as a result of trying. The Life Vest was also produced at later dates with different texts on for different sets such as ROYAL MARINES and RNLI. The Life Raft also turns up in black, with black paddles as part of the Sabotage, SAS and Special Mission Pod sets.

Action Man Survival Set showing anchor and rope

Action Man dingy

Action Man Air Vest: There should be a central strap 'S' hook, like a figure of eight at the back to take the two side strap split rings. These are more often than not missing. Sometimes the straps would not be long enough to fit round waist and one would have to leave it undone.

Action Man survival contents

Action Man Survival Set and Scramble Pilot

Action Man Survival

1966 Survival Set illustration

Action Man illustration life raft

Action Man Survival Set contents

Action Man survival contents

1966 SURVIVAL SET 93937010 and 34301

93937010 action man life raft

Early c1973-75 Survival 34301

93937010 action man life raft

1966 Action Man Air Manual

Action Man metal dog-tag

1966 Action Man Air Manual

Action Man metal dog-tag

1966 Action Man Air Manual

Action Man metal dog-tag