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SAS Secret Mission (Pod) 1983

Period: Eagle Eye


Cat No: 934851

Action Man SAS Secret Mission Contents:

SAS mission Pod with connectors

Rifle with slide on infra red night sight

Black inflatable dingy with rope and anchor

Yellow Rope

Three sticks of dynamite

Paddle (black)

Bayonet and scabbard x 2

Black pistol belt

Plastic webbing

Water bottle (soft)

Blinker light

Detonator (Black)

Armband pouches x 2

Strap x 1

Pulley with string and hook

Sticker Sheet

Information Leaflet

SAS Secret Mission Description:

The Action Man SAS series was popular in the 1980s and made because of the SAS Iranian Embassy siege's success. It featured two half cylinders that fitted together and were secured by two yellow plastic hoops, in turn joined together by yellow string. Inside was an inflatable black dinghy (of the type similar to that included in the Special Mission Pod and Sabotage sets*) and various SAS styled mission equipment, mostly borrowed from other sets.


The Action Man SAS Pod is rarer than the common Special Mission. The stickers can become damaged. It was also available on equipment cards, as were the other accessories in this set. *Unlike the Sabotage set's dinghy, the Special Mission Pod dinghy seems to have been supplied without the paddle stowage loops, but it is not documented as such anywhere at present. Replacement stickers are available here

Action Man SAS Secret Mission 'Pod'

Action Man Special Mission Pod

Action Man SAS Secret Mission Contents

SAS SEcret Mission Pod

Buy this sheet of replacement stickers to restore this set.

Action Man SAS Stickers

Action Man SAS Secret Mission Box (Image courtesy of Vectis Auctions)

Action Man SAS Seret Mission Box

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Action Man Rope

Action Man SAS Secret Mission Pod Instructions Leaflet


Action Man SAS Secret Mission Instructions