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Rope Launcher 1972

Period: Flock and Eagle Eyes

Dates: 1972 until c.1980

Cat No: 34241 / 34275

Action Man Rope Launcher

Action Man Rope Launcher:

Rope Launcher

Folding tripod

2 x grappling hooks

Rope and box

Rope Launcher Description:

The Action Man Rope Launcher designed in 1972, was available on separate equipment and accessory cards for many years and is quite common. It first appears in the 1973 Action Man Equipment Manual all the way through to the 1979/80 Action Man Equipment Manual. It had a firing mechanism which propelled the grappling hook and rope high enough to scale any imaginary cliff tops (or sofa).


The Action Man Mortar was a popular accessory. It had a spring action allowing it to fire the hook and rope vertically. The tripods are prone to damage from clumsy young feet. There are varying shades of plastic evident when comparing examples from different years of manufacture. This is true of the chosen rope colouring too.

Action Man Rope Launchers showing varying colours

Action Man Rope Launcher

Action Man Equipment Centre Cards
(Image courtesy of Vectis Auctions)

Action Man Mortar

Action Man Rope Launcher Grappling Hook

Action Man Rope Launcher Grappling Hook

Action Man Rope Launcher in action (1978 equipment manual)

Action Man Rope Launcher 1978