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Rifle Rack 1969

Period: All periods

Dates: 1969 until c.1983

Cat No: Various

Rifle Rack

Action Man Rifle Rack:

Rifle rack

M16 Rifle

Grenade Launcher

US M1 Garand


Equipment Manual


Rifle Rack Description:


The Action Man Rifle Rack appeared in the 1969 Equipment Manual and was ever-present in the Action Man equipment list of must-haves. It had spaces for 6 included weapons (some other non Action Man 'knock-off' versions had five). The weapons included to start off your armoury were the ever popular US M1 Garand from Combat Soldier fame, the M16 Assault Rifle from the American Green Beret, the US M1 Carbine as sported by the Combat Paratrooper, and the rather odd looking US M79 'Thumper' grenade launcher.


The folding Rifle Rack with stand is a very common piece. It ran for many years and most children had them. The first versions had stencil lettering, and later types a standard sans serif face. The weapons included will have had green elastic straps but by the mid 1970s, black plastic was the new choice of material with revised fixing points (See also Action Man Weapons). The Tommy Gunn rifle rack had 5 sections but looked almost identical.

40th Range

Early Action Man Rifle Rack (Cat No 34233)

Action Man Rifle Rack

Action Man Rifle Rack (early and late). Note typefaces

Action Man Rifle Rack

Later Action Man Rifle Rack (Cat No 34272)

Action Man Rifle Rack

The Action Man Rifle Rack in the barracks

Action Man Rifle Rack image