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Display Stand 1970

Period: Flock Head

Dates: 1970 until c.1971

Cat No: 34808

Action Man Stand

Action Man Display Stand:

Flock Display Base

Display Arm

Display Stand Description:

The display stand was originally available from 1970 as a separate purchase (with flock surface), but the painted version was originally first included with the Action Man Action Footballer sets as early as 1968, and later, with the Olympic Champion (1969). The three holes in this base were for allowing another incarnation - that as supplied with the Action Cricketer (1968) that also had twin crease lines painted on it. There are no flocked versions of Cricketer stand with creases. It appears on the 1970 Action Man Equipment Manual but does not occur again in them.


The Action Man Display Stand was originally painted dark green gloss as pictured (rumour has it with paint that contained lead). Independent versions not in sets had a flock grass effect. The display stand pushes into the base and has articulation near the 'U' shaped holder to allow sideways posturing.

40th Range

Action Man Display Stand

Action Man Display Stand

1968 Action Man Footballer came with Display Stand

Action Man Footballer Display Stand

1970 Action Man World Cup Footballer came with the flocked Display Stand

Action Man Flocked Display Stand

Action Man Display Stand underside

Action Man Display Stand - crude rendering of the Action Man logo

1968 Action Man Cricketer came with 'cricket' Display Stand

Action Man Display Stand in Manual (Note image is flipped)