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Bunk Bed 1967

Period: All Periods

Dates: 1967 until c.1983

Cat No: 34221

Action Man Base Camp Set

Action Man Bunk Bed Contents:

Bed heads x 2

Bed pole tubes male x 2

Bed pole tubes female x 2

Bed sheet

Equipment Manual


Base Camp Description:

The Action Man Bunk Bed was an extremely popular way of laying your Action Man up at the end of a busy day's play. It first appears in the 1967 Action Man Equipment Manual as is ever-present until the end of production in 1983/84. The bed sections allowed for the single bed to be 'bunked' to a bunk bed two or three beds high.


The Action Man Bunk Bed sheets vary in colour during many years of production, one would assume by changing suppliers. The black bed-heads in our possession have differing manufacturer stamps including CHEUNG, DANNY, HASBRO® HONG KONG and PALITOY SINGAPORE (two possibly 'knock-off copies?). The poles change too - mixing some earlier and later prove to be too tight a fit. Sometimes the metal pin within the black tubes transfer to the other tube, resulting in tubes with two 'male' ends, or indeed two 'female' ends. The material for the bed sheets initially was produced with a heavy khaki cotton drill fabric, but become noticeably lighter towards end of production with greener shades thrown in for good measure.

Action Man Bunk Bed single

Action Man Orange Tent

Action Man Bunk Bed with extra section for greater clearance

Action Man Base Camp

Action Man Bunk Bed Sheets vary in colour

Action Man Base Camp

Action Man Bunk Bed

Action Man Base Camp and Mountaineer

Action Man Bunk Bed scaffold imagining

Action Man Base Camp Flag

Action Man Bunk Bed Set


Action Man Bunk Bed 34221

Action Man Bunk Bed Leaflet