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Books 1971

Period: Flock Hair Period

Dates: 1971 until c.1972

Cat No: Various

Action Man Dog

Action Man Books:

Action Man Parachutist (ISBN 0 340 14930 2)

Action Man Underwater Explorer (ISBN 0 340 14931 0)

Action Man Antarctic Explorer (ISBN 0 340 14933 7)

Action Man Footballer (ISBN 0 340 14932 9)


Action Man Books Description:

4 Books were published for 1971 to further enhance the play value of Action Man. Each was on a specific topic of interest and adventure. All four printed contained unique images of Action Man, useful information and facts on the real-life topic, stories, and 'Blue Peter' style things to make for Action Man with card and glue. The images were a mixture of colour and black and white photography, and bespoke line drawings and illustrations. They appear both in the 1971 and 1972 Action Man Official Equipment Manuals. Cover price in 1971 was 29p.


The 32 page booklets are softback and are a recommended buy for any true Action Man collector. Published by Brockhampton Press Ltd of Salisbury Road in Leicester, and printed by Butler and Tanner Ltd of Frome, Somerset.

Action Man Footballer Book Contents

Action Man Book

Inside the Antarctic Explorer book

Action Man Book

Action Man Parachutist Book contents

Action Man book

Inside the Action Man Underwater Explorer book

Action Man book

Page from the Footballer Action Man Book

Action Man book

Inside the Footballer book

Action Man Books

Action Man Antarctic Explorer book contents

Action Man Books

Inside the Action Man Parachutist book

Action Man Books

Action Man Underwater Explorer Book contents

Action Man Books

Back page of 1972 Equipment Manual

Action Man Books