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45rpm Vinyl Record 1969

Period: Painted Head / Flock Head

Dates: 1969 until c.1973

Cat No: GAL 005

Action Man Record

'Action Man is Here' 7" Single Tracks:

Side 1 Official Action Man March

Side 2 Authentic Battle Sounds


'Action Man Is Here' Vinyl 7" Single Description:

Cliff Adams - a famous jingle writer for some of the world's iconic brands and creator of the Milk Tray theme, 'For Mash get Smash', Murray Mints - too good to hurry mints", was commissioned to write 'The Action Man March'. It was used on publicity on TV adverts, featuring too in Early Equipment Manuals and as part of the Action Man Star Scheme. Side 1 contains 'The Official Action Man March' (basically the military tune using "Action Man Is Here' as it's chorus. Side 2 of the single contains 'authentic' battle sounds. Listen to the music and battle sounds here. Price in 1969: 10 'Stars' and 1/6d


The single appears on the back of the 1969 and 1970 Official Equipment Manuals, and was offered on the star card L57 dating from 1971 until no longer having a presence by 1974.

'Action Man is Here' vinyl 7" single

Action Man Is Here Record

Action Man Single Side 1 - The Official Action Man March

Action Man Single

Action Man is Here single cover reverse

Action Man 45rpm single

Action Man Single Side 2 - Battle Sounds

Action Man Vinyl Single