This website is a tribute to the vintage Palitoy Action Man of 1966-84. It aims to supply the enthusiasts a long overdue place to enjoy the original vintage Action Man from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s 1993 to 2006 and now from 2016 on. We have official recognition by Art & Science Int, UK licence holders of the Action Man brand. Action Man is still alive and well today - he can be found at

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New! 1978 Equipment Manual In Hi Res PDF format here

New! All Medals In detail here

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New! 1978 Equipment Manual In Hi Res PDF format here

1977 Equipment Manual In Hi Res PDF format here

1975 Equipment Manual In Hi Res PDF format here

HD Action Man Films! See Action man in stunning HD on Vimeo here

Spot a fake Blues & Royals Uniform! Original versus 40th Anniversary comparision PDF here

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The Forum
Visit the forum - ask your questions and show your collection, give your restoration tips etc.GO THERE

Action Man Space Ranger
One of the Eagle Eye period Star Wars battling uniforms! GO THERE

Silly Action Man style comics
Some comic madness from the Forum GO THERE

Action Man Palitoy Trade Catalogue
Palitoy's Trade Catalogue from 1981 GO THERE

Action Man Combat Engineer
Early figure with the Combat Engineer theodolite - rare piece - GO THERE

Battle of Britain Pilot
One of "The Few'. A Battle of Britain RAF fighter pilot ready to scramble - GO THERE

British Infantryman
The second incarnation of the British Infantryman from the 1980's (modern) - GO THERE

Jungle Explorer
The Indiana Jones inspired jungle explorer - GO THERE

Long Range Desert Group
The SAS Desert Rats derived uniform of the secong world war. - GO THERE

Geyper Man
A little section on Geyper Man - Action Man's Spanish counterpart- GO THERE

Desert Fighter
The Australian Desert Fighter figure from 1978 - GO THERE

By popular request - Action Man Forum - Buy, Sell and chat! Why not post pictures of your collection? GO THERE

1971 Action Man Equipment Manual
Haven't got one? The long awaited Manual. View all of the inside pages, along with other Manuals GO THERE

Vote in our poll to help guide this site to exactly WHAT YOU WANT! - GO THERE

German Paratrooper
The basic 'Internationals' uniform from 1979-80 of the German Paratrooper - GO THERE

US Marine
The Internationals basic uniform range - USMC soldier. - GO THERE

Marine Combat
An excellent condition Marine Combat Action Man from 1972. - GO THERE

RNLI Sea Rescue
A 1970s bearder Action Man equipped for sea rescue. - GO THERE

Tom Stone
Tom Stone figure - a member of the Action Man Team. - GO THERE

Action Man Kommandant
The colditz - inspired Kommandant uniform on period Action Man from 1974. - GO THERE

Action Man Instruction Papers
New papers that came with the Armoured Jeep, and Command Centre. - GO THERE

Action Man Command Centre (bunker)
Batten down the hatches! With quicktime movie and sound and papers. - GO THERE

Action Man 17th/21st Lancers
The rare ceremonial figure shown complete - GO THERE

Action Man Royal Horse Guards
The Blues and Royals on Parade - GO THERE

Action Man Despatch Rider
The motorcyclist from 1975 ready to deliver that urgent order - GO THERE

Action Man 40th Anniversary figure REVIEW
The new Modellers Loft 40th anniversary Action Man figure and uniforms reviewed - GO THERE

Action Man Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Got enough stars? The Mountie uniform awaits you... - GO THERE

Action Man Royal Military Police
The 'Red Caps' uniform dating from 1972 - GO THERE

Action Man Royal Hussar
The 1979 last ceremonial uniform produced - GO THERE

Action Man Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
The 1970 Action Man famous British uniform in all its glory! - GO THERE

Action Man Mine Detection
The battery operated mine detection Action Man uniform - GO THERE

Action Man Is Here!
The star scheme record - The 'Official Action Man March' and 'Authentic Battle Sounds' MP3 files to listen to - GO THERE

Action Man French Foreign Legionnaire 1973
The famous french legion ready to fight anywhere - GO THERE

Action Man Commando from 1975
Face painted and ready for that special mission - GO THERE

Action Man HQ Site Map
The quick way to get to what you want - NEW GO THERE

Action Man 'The Intruder' and 'Gargon'
The 1977 super-intelligent alien called The Intruder and the 1979 shootable monster named Gargon. GO THERE

Original Action Man Boxes
Not to be missed! Not every Action Man collector has this many original boxes! All dated to help identify your Action Man's birthday. GO THERE

1973 Action Man Intelligence Manual
Haven't got one? View all of the inside pages, along with other Manuals GO THERE

1980's Afrika Korps Lance Corporal
One of Rommel's troups stationed North Africa, ready to take on our Desert Rats! GO THERE

Navigation improvements and Google Ads
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1966 Action Man Action Pilot Air Manual
This is the very rare original manual that came with the Action Man Action Pilot. GO THERE

Croix de Guerre Gallantry Medal
Top Award for the French Resistance fighter. GO THERE

Action Man Gallantry Medals
Images of the Soldiers of the Century / World Medals. GO THERE

Action Man Sailor
Early 1970's Sailor with flock hair and beard. GO THERE

British Army Officer
Attention! The 1970's 'Famous British Uniform' Army Officer GO THERE

Australian Jungle Fighter
The heroic VC winning Australian soldier ready for battle GO THERE

Special Operations Tent
The tent you could pitch indoors or out... GO THERE

1966 Action Man Action Sailor Navy Manual
This is the original booklet that came with the Action Sailor. GO THERE

1966 and 1968 Star Cards
Collect those stars and get a free Canadian Mountie! GO THERE

Action Man 40th Anniversary (G.I.Joe) reviewed
The excellent reproduction Anniversary G.I.Joe from 2004 compared with the 1966 original. GO THERE

The Life Guards
The very detailed Life Guards Action Man Uniform GO THERE

Green Beret
One of the most sought after - A US Green Beret with Silver Star! GO THERE


BBC2 Saturday 21st December 2002 9.05pm - "I Love Toys"
December 2002
In October I helped the BBC with an item included within 90min programme on Toys which features Roland Rivron amongst other celebrities talking about action figures and vintage toys, including vintage Action Man (with some of the figures shown on this site). Lee Majors also features (Six Million Dollar Man figure).




Action Man Forum


Palitoy Trade Catalogue



Combat Engineer


Battle of Britain Pilot




Geyper Man


Desert Fighter


British Infantryman


Jungle Explorer





History 1966-1984 GO THERE
Brief history from 1966 to 1984 and beyond.

Body Types GO THERE
Interactive figure showing key differences over the production run .

What to look for in a figure GO THERE
Is my figure good or bad - is it real or fake - some pointers.

Heads and Hands GO THERE
Close-up images of the different heads and hands with potted history.

Equipment+ GO THERE
The original Action Man Official Equipment Manuals in full showing all official pictures of the Action Man sets and equipment over the years. An excellent resource for completing uniforms and identifying pieces. Also Quicktime versions as slide shows for some years.

Manuals & Paperwork GO THERE
Star Cards, Intelligence Manuals and Equipment Manuals showing all pages!

Talking Commander GO THERE
Interactive 1st issue Talking Commander with sound (.wav).

Picture Gallery GO THERE
High Res images of some period Action Men in uniform, weapons and boots! If you have any images of similar quality please email them to me and I will prepare them for inclusion with a credit if required.

Modern Figures GO THERE
Who has taken the Action Man mantle?

Great Links GO THERE
Recommended site for vintage Action man information and buying.

Action Men Wanted! GO THERE
Always on the look-out to help grow this site! Also images welcomed to help grow this site.

Where to start?
1966 Action Man
and his very first equipment set are chronicled in detail (click here), and some of the subsequent years, ultimately all will follow. Please use the feedback link if you have any suggestions, comments or wish to contact us. It is our intention to be the number one resource for Vintage Action Man on the web - with your help. Please email us with corrections, suggestions or information on vintage Action Man Events etc.

Hope you enjoy...

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