Date your Action Man visually

Period: All periods

Dates: 1966 until 1984


Body identifier for Action Man:

This chart approximates the main differences between the Action Man periods of manufacture. This is intended only as a guide only.


The original figure of 1966 underwent key modifications and is stamped patented 1964 on his back. Main innovations were: 1970 flock 'realstic hair' added, 1973 gripping hands, 1977 'Eagle Eyes' moving eye mechanism operating from back of head, 1978 all new dynamic physique featuring no elastic stringing, and blue moulded trunks, c.1980 'Sharpshooter Head' (Adam's apple on torso allowing head to clip back. For more help in identification please see here.

1966 Action Soldier - painted head

1973 Soldier - early gripping hands discolour and harden

1983 Soldier - dynamic physique muscle body

1970 Action Soldier - introduction of flock hair

1975 Action Soldier - later gripping hands supple

1966-1970 dog tag

1970 - c.1973 dog tag

1970 - c.1973 dog tag (variation)

1983 - 84 type dog tag / ID badge