The final period of Action Man's first outing saw the introduction of realistic 'Eagle-Eyes' in 1976 which were housed in a slightly larger head and operated by a small lever on the back of Action Man's neck. This head had more of a 'tan' and shine than the outgoing painted eyes figures and gave Action Man a permanent look of astonishment. This new look was developed in 1978 when a totally new 'Muscular Physique' was introduced.

Easily recognisable by the moulded blue trunks and sun-tan, the Action Man figure could hold slightly more complex poses and was built in such a way that it could not be disassembled and ultimately have parts replaced like the earlier elastic-strung figure. Early figures of the 'Artists dummy' body also had this head from 1976-1978 but are less common.

These final phase figures can suffer from 'head-flop' as the internal nylon band becomes exhuasted over time making repair much more a headache than the earlier elastic-strung figures.

'Eagle eyes' Action Man head dating from 1976

'Eagle eyes' head dating from 1976

Bearded 'Eagle eyes' head dating from 1976


'Eagle eyes' Sharpshooter from 1981 (note adam's apple holds head back) - last type of figure

Geyper Man (Spanish Action Man) head from 1979. Based on Eagle eyes head but with painted eyes, brown or blond hair, brown eyes.

All Eagle Eye figures had gripping hands






Action Man Eagle eyes 1978 - 1984

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