Geyper Man

The Geyper Company picked up the licence to make a GI Joe / Action Man version in 1975. The first version of the body was based on the GI Joe Action Team type, and the torso being of the talker type, (though without the grill), as can be seen by the two screw fastenings on the back of the torso. The plastic is of a slightly browner shade than the AM version, and this kind of body was also produced in dark brown for a version of Tom Stone. This body type had a large embossed "Geyper" logo on the small of the back, with "Made in Spain" (in English, curiously).

This early kind of Geyper Man body was replaced from about 1979 with a new version, which, though superficialy similar to the G.I.Joe muscle body type, is unique to Geyper Man. Another unique feature is that the head was now based on the Action Man eagle eye type, but with non-moving painted eyes! There was no logo of any kind on the new Geyper Man body.

The early type heads were clearly based on the fuzzy head Action Man type, though again, in a slightly browner shade of plastic. Eyes were painted blue or brown, and hair was either brown (darker than the Action Man version) or blonde, and there were bearded versions too. The Tom Stone head remained the same for both body types.

The later Geyper Man heads came in brown or blonde, and again both with and without beards. Geyper Man's eyes were always brown.

1975 Geyper Man head

1979 Geyperman head