USMC (US Marine Corps) Uniform 1979

Period: Eagle Eyes

Dates: c.1979 until c.1981

Cat No: 34284

Action Man US Machine Gunner

USMC Uniform (Internationals) Description:

This Action Man uniform was based on a US corporal uniform style of the US Marine Corps in World War Two. Part of the 'International' Range it was accurate in terms of colour. The uniform was made of a lightweight material and came only with helmet and boots. The 'Internationals range' was a basic stripped down version of previous uniforms, and some new content. Launched on blister packs in 1979 they included a (new) Russian Infantryman, Afrika Korps, German Paratrooper and USMC, UN Peace Force and familiar Red Devil Parachutist basics.



ACTION MAN USMC UNIFORM: Jacket, trousers, helmet, boots.


The current Action Man figure at the time of launch in 1979 was an Eagle Eye dynamic body as shown in the images. No webbing was issued with the 'International' range of outfits - such items would be bought separately on equipment cards of the time. We show an image with a belt and M1 Garand added. There should be material stripes and a USMC Badge on the shirt. The shirt often loses these and replacements are available. The shirt has poppers on the cuffs and the trousers have two high side pocket unhemmed flaps. The material is lighweight. Sometimes odd boots could be added in error on the assembly line at Palitoy, and this particular set arrived with two right boots.

Action Man USMC

Action Man USMC

Action Man USMC rear view

Action Man USMC

Action Man USMC partly accessorised with gun and belt

Action Man USMC

Action Man USMC two right boots (in error)

Action Man USMC

Action Man USMC badges (buy replacements)

Action Man USMC

Action Man USMC Set


ACTION MAN USMC far right(image courtesy of Vectis Auctions)

Action Man US Paratrooper box book

1979 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1979