Tom Stone 1977

Period: Flocked Head

Dates: 1977 until c.1979

Cat No: 34070

Tom Stone

Tom Stone Description:

In 1977 Palitoy released the Hasbro designed 'Tom Stone' key figure. He was introduced as 'A Member of the Action Man Team'. He came in basic camo fatigues and carried a Heckler and Koch sub machine gun and wore a green parachute regiment beret. His body construction was of a significantly different inherited design (of the US muscle body Joe) to Action Man and is prone to falling apart because of degradation of plastics in the connecting pieces.

Action Man Tom Stone:


TOM STONE: Camo jacket, camo trousers, Heckler and Koch MP5A2, green cloth beret, short boots, information leaflet, Equipment Manual.



Tom Stone's camo shirt and trousers should have the clothes label with the bullet holes omitted from the Action Man Logo (they had long since disappeared since the first 'beachhead' camo fatigues of 1966 of similar design). They have only one popper holding the front together and same is true of the trousers. The green beret is elasticated and carries the Parachute Regiment Logo. The body usually has its stringing of arms and neck disintegrate to powder, requiring repair. The hips are not so prone to aging. The main featured figure on this page has reproduction hands, but we show the original hand separately next to the new, in an image below. He carries a Heckler & Koch MP5A2 with elastic strap, not to be confused with the more common SAS type. Two box designs were issued in a short space of time, making them both a rarity.

The UK Tom Stone body is derived from the later 'muscle' body Joe - the 'Black" Adventurer was the original strung figure sold as the 'Black' Soldier with a new head sculpt and gripping hands sold both as flock head Adventurer and bearded Talking Commander - and as such was never sold in the Palitoy lineup. The black muscle body Joe could be passed off as the Tom Stone figure if dressed accordingly, since used the Joe body without changes (same patent/markings). Thanks to Hussein Holland for this detail.

Tom Stone beret and badge of the Parachute Regiment

Action Man Tom Stone

Tom Stone rear of uniform

Action Man Tank Commander

Tom Stone original hands (left and centre) and repro fitted (right)

Tom Stone hands gripping

Tom Stone Beret Badge

Action Man Tom Stone Beret

Tom Stone head close up

Action Man Tom Stone

Tom Stone in original box (Image courtesy

Tom Stone and Box

Tom Stone beret and badge of the Parachute Regiment

Action Man Palitoy Tom Stone

Tom Stone body and physique - note Hasbro AT' Action Team' badge

Action Man Tom Stone

Tom Stone body back

Action Man Tank Commander

Tom Stone Hasbro origins on back

Tom Stone imprint

Tom Stone's Heckler & Koch

Tom Stone Heckler & Koch MP5A2

Action Man Tom Stone Boxes


Tom Stone 1977 Box artwork

Tom Stone Box

Tom Stone c.1978 Box artwork

Tom Stone Boxed