Tank Commander 1974

Period: Flocked Head / Eagle Eyes

Dates: 1974 until c.1980

Cat No: 34154

Tank Comander Description:

The Action Man Tank Commander was the perfect accompaniment of the Action Man Scorpion Tank and later Iron Knight Tank. Originally launched in 1974 the 1st issue had a blue elasticated fabric beret with no badge, (the soldier had the green equivalent on launch). His jacket was zippered and trousers had a large rectangular pocket on the front left thigh. His pistol belt had no adjustment and he carried the standard .45 Colt pistol with holster and leg tie. His binoculars would have gone from elasticated to plastic strapped around this period. The 'current' Action Man on launch was the flock haired gripping hands type. There was also a paired down 'Frontliners' version of this set later in production:

Action Man Tank Commander Set:


TANK COMMANDER: Jacket, trousers, .45 Pistol, holster, pistol belt, headset with mic and jack-plug, beret (blue cloth, then black plastic), flare pistol, boots, information leaflet, Equipment Manual.



The Action Man Tank Commander zippered jacket came in a few shades of tan, a darker brown version was available on a separate card. The original elasticated blue beret was short-lived and lasted possibly only one year, and the common black plastic Tank Regiment one is the common one associated most with this outfit. The Action Man Soldier gained the same plastic beret too in roughly 1975. The Action Man Armoured Car Commander's 1st issue jacket is similar, but has a buckle and strap across at neck level. A very popular and common outfit. Beret badge is susceptible to partial damage - top or bottom quarter often missing.

Action Man Tank Commander and leaflet

Action Man Tank Commander pistol belt

Action Man Tank Commander 2nd issue (and common) beret

Action Man Tank Commander Leaflet

Action Man Tank Commander - note large trouser pocket

Action Man Tank Commander

Action Man Tank Commander belt detail

Action Man Tank Commander accessory card jacket

Action Man Tank Commander Leaflet

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1974 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1974