Talking Commander (1983)

Period: Eagle Eye

Dates: 1978 until c.1984

Cat No: 34870

Action Man Talking Commander (1983) Contents:

Jersey (nylon type)

Camo trousers
Boots (black)
Cap (SAS badge)

Pistol Belt

.45 Pistol with hoop
Holster (connected to cord)
Plastic ID tag

Nylon Hand Cup

Star Card L1337

Warning slip

Instruction Leaflet L830
Equipment Poster 1981

Talking Commander Description:

"He talks! Gives eight different commands, loud and clear." The basic Action Man Action Soldier figure from 1966, was joined by a talking version - the (talking) Commander in 1968. The first of the 'talkers', he spoke phrases by pulling out a cord attached to his dog tag from his chest to coloured markers on cord. Upon letting the cord go it would speak one phrase whilst returning automatically. This talking Commander adopted flock hair in 1970 but retained the same outfit. In 1973 his name became "Talking Commander" - this newly kitted out Action Man 'Gripping Hands' Talking Commander came with a jersey and peaked cap and muffler. This basically paved the way for the Field Commander to take over with his separate 'talking' Field Radio. In 1978 he gained the Eagle Eye head and new voice box. By 1983 the Action Man Talking Commander had the dynamic physique body and new camouflage trousers.


Action Man Talking Commander phrases (from 1978) were (in random order):


"Enemy Tanks Approaching"
"Give Me Some Cover"
"Send out the patrol"
"What’s the password"
"Advance in single file"


Listen to the voices here


The dynamic physique Action Man Eagle Eyes Talking Commander actually re-joined the ranks in 1978 eventually to don camo trousers by 1981. The box and Talking Commander pictured here dates from 1983 - note the last chevron-style box. It is thought by this period the red leg tie was leaving the factory tied to the pistol loop - it makes sense and an official book also has an image of this link. Collectors report otherwise too, so it seems both instances have some volition. The SAS cap badge (as shown on the box) was included with this set version (not the normal cap for an officer). His pull out tag is a dark green (the Talking Space Ranger Commander's tag was black). He speaks five phrases listed above, as the mechanism is different from the earlier type and allowed for less recording room. The jumper, muffler, boots, trousers and belt are the same as for the Action Man Soldier of the same year. The ID tag is first issued around 1983. The synthetic material Jumper should not be confused with the earlier wool version. The boots are a wider lace spacing than preceeding boots (of which there are numerous versions!)

The last Action Man Talking Commander (1983 type shown)

Action Man Talking Commander 1983

Action Man Talking Commander ID Tag front

Action Man Talking Commander ID tag decal from c.1983

Action Man Talking Commander .45 (Colt) pistol and holster

Action Man Talking Commander belt, holster and pistol in 1983

Action Man Talking Commander ID Tag reverse

Click to hear Action Man Voices

Action Man Voices

Action Man Talking Commander type dynamic physique dark green tag

Action Man 1981 leaflet L830

Action Man Leaflet L830

Action Man 1981 leaflet L830

Action Man Instructions L830

1983 Action Man Star Card L1337

Star Card L1337

1983 Action Man Star Card L1337

Star Card L1337

1981 Action Man Official Equipment Poster

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1981