Talking Commander 1973

Period: Flock Head

Dates: 1973 until c.1974

Cat No: 34051

Action Man Talking Commander Contents:

Boots (black)

Pistol Belt


.45 Pistol
Plastic (connected to cord)
Star Card

Information Sheet
Equipment Manual

Talking Commander Description:

"He talks! Gives eight different commands, loud and clear." The basic Action Man Action Soldier figure from 1966, was joined by a talking version - the (talking) Commander in 1968. The first of the 'talkers', he spoke phrases by pulling out a cord attached to his dog tag from his chest to coloured markers on cord. Upon letting the cord go it would speak one phrase whilst returning automatically. This talking Commander adopted flock hair in 1970 but retained the same outfit. In 1973 his name became "Talking Commander" - this newly kitted out Action Man 'Gripping Hands' Talking Commander came with a jersey and peaked cap and muffler. This basically paved the way for the Field Commander to take over with his separate 'talking' Field Radio. he Talking Commander retires in 1974, but comes back in c.1979 gaining a new dynamic physique and eagle eyes. By 1983 the Action Man Talking Commander had changed into camouflage trousers and donned an SAS cap badge.


Action Man Talking Commander phrases (until 1978) were (in random order):


"This is your Commander speaking"
"Enemy aircraft action stations"
"Volunteer needed for a special mission"
"Enemy in sight: Range 1000"
"Patrol fall in!"
"Hold your fire until I give the order"
"Mortar attack dig in"
"Commander to base: Request support fire"


Listen to the voices here


One of the images show hard hands, but this particular Talking Commander would have had early gripping hands - introduced that year. He also is wearing a slightly later version scarf - the ribibing should be more pronouced. The Action Man Commander (or Action Man 'Talking Commander' as he is more commonly referred to as). He was forbidden from water and parachutes to protect the internal speech mechanism. The 1st issue Action Man Commander was a painted head figure, this was changed to a hollow, 'squashy' soft painted head, and then flocked head c.1970/71. In 1973 gripping hands were introduced and his all new uniform changed to that similar to, and aslo paving the way for the Field Commander. Visually this added a new jumper, muffler and a British officer's cap to the set up. A Dynamic physique Action Man Eagle Eyes Talking Commander re-joined the ranks in 1979 with camo trousers.

40th Range

Action Man Talking Commander 1973

Action Man Talking Commander 1973

Action Man Talking Commander officer's cap

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Action Man Voices

Action Man Talking Commander (and soldier) boxes 1973

Action Man Talking Commander Leaflet (1973)

Talking Commander Leaflet 1973

Action Man Talking Commander's .45 (Colt) pistol and holster

Action Man Talking Commander trouser pocket

1973 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1973

Action Man of 1973 - Hands that really grip