Space Explorer 1971

Period: Flock Head

Dates: 1971

Cat No: 35011


Clear Helmet
White space suit
Yellow boots

Rocket pack with pulley

Space chair (two halves, white or red)

Long red pick up arm
X Ray Camera (with white or red rings)

Blue control Handle and white line

Space Explorer Information leaflet
1971 Equipment Manual

[1971] Space Explorer Description:

"Dressed in the outfit Action Man can be guided along the line to pick up the X-Ray camera from the ground" read the description in the 1971 Equipment Manual. One of the rarest of the Action Man outfits, only being produced for one year, with it is thought a disappointing take up at the time. The Action Man figure of the time was the flocked hair figure with hard non-gripping hands.


If you ever had a time capsule and wanted to travel back in time to buy somethingto be worth more than its weight in gold, surely, within the Action Man range it would be this outfit. Only listed in the 1971 manual (illustration, not even a photograph). Pieces of this outfit do surface from time to time, like the yellow boots or the overalls (often without the fabric circular badge), but to get the backpack and all its component parts is a real challenge.

Action Man Space Explorer repackaged in a reproduction box (image courtesy of

Action Man Space Explorer Box

Action Man Space Explorer contents including leaflet. Note missing space suit badge(image courtesy of Townsend Auctions)

Action Man Space Explorer set

Action Man 1971 Space Explorer detail

Action Man Space Explorer

Action Space Explorer artwork


Action Man Space Explorer 1971

Space Explorer in 1971 manual