SAS Commander 1983

Period: Eagle Eyes

Dates: c.1983 until c.1984

Cat No: 934807

Action Man SAS Commander Contents:

Bullet proof vest
Boots (short)
Gas face mask

Grey Hood

Heckler & Koch machine gun (plastic strap)

Nylon Hand Cup

Star Card L1337

Instruction Leaflet L830
Equipment Poster 1981

Soldier Description:

The Action Man 'Special Operations' SAS Commander owes its roots to the successful conclusion of the London Iranian Embassy hostage crisis of 1980 by the 'Special Air Service' or SAS. The Action Man SAS Commander boxed figure was preceeded by an SAS outfit and an Action Man boxed 'Key Figure'. A popular figure for obvious reasons and very of it's time. He complemented a mini-range which included SAS Beachhead attack, SAS Airstrike, SAS Underwater Attack, SAS Parachute Attack and SAS Secret Mission.


The Eagle Eye Action Man SAS Commander was issued in a all- in-one black jumpsuit with elasticated ankles, and breathing equipment in the form of a strapless face mask, that was held in place by the elasticated face apperture of the grey hood. He was armed with a Heckler & Koch sub machine gun. Other items were available separately on other SAS Sets.

Action Man SAS Commander Box 1983

Action Man SAS Commander

Action Man SAS Commander Heckler and Koch

Action Man SAS Commander gas mask and hood

Action Man SAS Commander 1983

Action Man SAS Commander reverse view

Action Man 1981 leaflet L830

Action Man Leaflet L830

Action Man 1981 leaflet L830

Action Man Instructions L830

1983 Action Man Star Card L1337

Star Card L1337

1983 Action Man Star Card L1337

Star Card L1337

1981 Action Man Official Equipment Poster

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1981