Royal Hussar 1979

Period: Eagle Eyes

Dates: 1979-c.80

Cat No: 34325


The Royal Hussar is a very detailed uniform in a period where costs were more often more considered over quality. It was the last of the truly ceremonial uniforms for Action Man. Originally ranging from 1970 the 'Famous British Regiments' included the Grenadier Guard and Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders (and the Parachute Regiment [battledress]) to begin with. It later included the Royal Marines [No.3 Dress], Life Guards, Royal Horse Guard (Blues & Royals) and 17th & 21st Lancers.

Action Man Royal Hussar:


ROYAL HUSSAR: Tunic, trousers, shoes, spurs, waist belt, cross belt with cartouche, sword, scabbard, cap, information leaflet. Equipment Manual.



The Royal Hussar is one of the most attractive of later uniforms and appears in the 1979/80 Equipment Manual. Many pieces on this set are unique. The sword has a gold coloured knuckle guard and tassel, very rare, and often one will find a white substitute from the Life Guard or the Blues & Royals sets. The cap is the regular British Army Officer molding in purple, with the Hussar's badge. Pictured is an earlier Action Man dating from 1976 for display. The 'current' Action Man in 1979 was the dynamic body Eagle Eyes figure (introduced year before).

40th Range

Action Man Royal Hussar

Action Man Royal Hussar

Action Man Royal Hussar cross belt

Action Man Royal Hussar shoes and spurs

Action Man Royal Hussar cap

Action Man Royal Hussar cartouche

Action Man Royal Hussar

Action Man Royal Hussar belt and buckle

Action Man Royal Hussar gold sword knuckle guard and tassel

1979 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1979

Action Man Royal Hussar Set


ROYAL HUSSAR 34325 (image courtesy of Vectis Auctions)