Mine Detection Set 1967

Period: Painted Head

Dates: 1967 until c.1969

Cat No: 34177

Based on Action Soldier figure:

Brown boots and fatigues are needed from the basic figure.


"Kit out your Action Man for every phase of military service with these authentic true-scale equipment sets", read the Equipment Manual. The Mine Detection Action Man is basically an accessorised Action Soldier. The accessories could be bought as set or separately and included:

Mine Detection Set:


MINE DETECTION SET: Battery operated mine detector, material carrying harness, headset, detection bulb, 3 x steel land mine discs, Instructions sheet, Equipment Manual.


The Mine detection set works by contact. Mines could be placed under thin sand or gravel and upon contact with the metal under-surface of the mine detector head, a red bulb on top of the battery pack would illuminate. These usually are broken where the arm hinge meets the head as they are poorly strengthened. The mines are prone to rusting as they are steel (to conduct). A helmet could be added to the set, but it will not fit over the headphones with much success. In 1975 another version of the Mine Detection Set set was launched without headphones. Lastly in 1981 a Royal Engineers outfit also came equipped with a mine (non-working) detector.

Action Man Mine Detection Set

Action Man Mine Detection

Action Man Mine Detector head - prone to breakage

Action Man Mine detector dial (sticker)

Action Man Mine Detection Instructions

Action Man mine detector at work clearing metal mines

Action Man Mine Detection headset

Action Man mine detector bulb

1968 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1968

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