Mine Detection Set 1975

Period: Flock Head/Eagle Eye

Dates: 1975 until c.1977

Cat No: 34164 / 34313

Action Man Mine Detection set

Mine Detection Description:

This is the second main issue of the Mine Detection set, replacing the slighly more elaborate 1966 Mine Dectection Set. This new set featured a uniform with the skull and crossbones badge, and a simpler way of attaching the battery pack to Action Man's back.

Action Man Mine Detection Set:

34164 / 34313:

MINE DETECTION SET: Battery operated mine detector, elastic strap harness, helmet, boots, shirt, trousers, 3 x steel land mine discs, leaflet, Equipment Manual.


The working mine detection set works by contact like its forerunner. Mines could be placed under thin sand or gravel and upon contact with the metal under-surface of the mine detector head, a red bulb on top of the battery pack would illuminate. These usually are broken where the arm hinge meets the head as they are poorly strengthened. This 1975 version has a different detection head, and no material harness, opting for an unimaginative elastic strap. The mineslike before, are prone to rusting as they are steel (to conduct). A helmet came with the set with special trasparent sticker, again with the Skull symbol. There was no belt of headphones issues with this set. In 1981 a Royal Engineers outfit also came equipped with a mine (non-working) detector.

Action Man Mine Detection Set and mines

Action Man Mine Detection

Action Man Mine Detector helmet sticker

Action Man Mine detector shirt logo

Action Man Mine Detection Shirt

Action Man Mine detector dial (sticker)

Action Man Mine Detection Dial

Action Man mine detector elastic harness

Action Man Mine Detection head contacts

Action Man mine detector set

1975 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1975

Action Man Sets and Equipment Cards


c.1975 MINE DETECTION SET 34164 (missing side card)
Image courtesy of Vectis Auctions

Action Man Mine Detection Box

Image courtesy of Vectis Auctions