Military Police Set 1966

Period: Painted Head

Dates: 1966 until 1969

Cat No: Various

Based on Action Soldier figure:

Brown boots are needed from the basic figure.


"Kit out your Action Man for every phase of military service with these authentic true-scale equipment sets", read the Equipment Manual. The M.P. is basically an accessorised Action Soldier. The accessories could be bought as set or separately and included:


93635060 (and 34106):

MILITARY POLICE SET: Tunic, trousers, .45 Pistol, holster, white pistol belt, MP armband, truncheon (wood colour), kit bag, scarf (red bib type), Equipment Manual.

Equipment Cards:

93735640 (and 34206):

M.P. HELMET AND SMALL ARMS SET: Helmet (MP), pistol belt (white), .45 Pistol, holster, truncheon (wood colour), Equipment Manual.


M.P. KIT BAG: Bag with strap and grommets. Equipment Manual.


M.P. TUNIC SET: Tunic, red scarf (bib type), MP armband. Equipment Manual.


M.P. TROUSERS: Unique to MP. Equipment Manual.



Notably, the MP set did not come with a helmet in it's set form. A separate equipment card needed to also be purchased. The Army Manual (that was included with the boxed Action Soldier) had details of how to set up this figure, and the accessories available. The trousers were different to the basic soldier and the tunic can be confused with the British Infantryman Jacket (although evidence of this Palitoy 'swop' has been found on a rare equipment card).

Action Man MP Set

Action Man MP

Action Man MP trousers pocket detail

Two MPs on guard duty in a garden

Action Man MP and Kit Bag (with Brutus available separately)

Action Man Military Police

Action Man MP Colt .45 pistol and holster

1966 Action Man Army Manual

Action Man Army Manual 1966

Action Man Sets and Equipment Cards


93635060 and 34106


93735640 and 34206



1966 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1966