The Marine Combat 1971

Period: Flock Hair

Dates: c.1971-72

Cat No: 34129

The (Royal) Marine Combat Description:

The Marine Combat was part of the 'Famous British Uniforms' range and part of a set of Royal Marines uniforms which included the Mountain and Arctic and the No.1 Dress. It ran for only two years. The green beret is similar to the early flock Action Soldier only it is darker in shade and has the badge of the Royal Marines in brass pinned to the front. It was also available separately on a card along with the jacket. This uniform set is photographed and shown (presumably) in pre-production guise within the 1972 Equipment Manual, as a cobbled together Action Soldier with a plastic beret, and quoted with, but shown without a pouch. By the time the 1973 Manual was published it was absent. It shared the same boots as the SOTC British Infantryman. His Sterling sub machine gun was brand new to the range and he was the first recipient. A later camouflaged version of this uniform, along with plastic webbing was launched during the Eagle Eyed Period but is considered another uniform in its own right.

Action Man (Royal) Marine Combat:


ACTION MAN MARINE COMBAT: Jacket, trousers, cloth beret, scarf, Sterling machine gun and clip, pouch, puttees, web belt, bayonet, scabbard, boots, The Royal Marines information leaflet. Equipment Manual.



The Marine Combat, know better as The Royal Marines Combat uniform, is one of the rarer uniforms. Good colour matches between zippered jacket, trousers and pouch (all of the same material) are sometimes a problem as a few shades exist. White Royal Marine Mountain and Arctic pouches are sometimes dyed to replace lost original pouches, but they can be spotted as they have a heavier weave fabric. The beret elastic is often 'shot' and the small Marines badge can often be missing. The Sterling machine gun should have elastic strap and a magazine clip. Puttees should be a golden sand color (not the light sand of the first issue Parachute Regiment, or the 'ginger' colour of the later variations). The khaki belt does not have an adjustment silder. A part set of the jacket and trousers were also available on an accessory card, and these can often be greener than the whole outfit versions which were browner. The 'current' Action Man of 1971 and 1972 had flock hair and hard non-gripping hands. The Action Man figure in the images is a 'soft head' painted head figure dating around 1969-70.

40th Range

Action Man Marine Combat (Royal Marines)

Action Man Marine Combat

Action Man Marine Combat pouch (Royal Marines)

Action Man Marine Combat rear (Royal Marines)

Action Man Royal Marine Combat

Action Man Marine Combat beret - darker green than soldier and with badge

royal marines beret action man


Action Man The Marine Combat Set



Action Man Sabotage Set



1971 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1971