Grenadier Guards 1970

Period: Flock Head / Eagle Eyes

Dates: 1970-c.80

Cat No: Various

Action Man Grenadier Guard

Grenadier Guards Description:

Originally launched in 1970 the 'Famous British Regiments', renamed the next year 'Famous British Uniforms' and colloquially known as the 'The Ceremonial Range' were fanastically detailed. They included the Grenadier Guard and Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders (and the Parachute Regiment [battledress] ) to begin with. It later included the Royal Marines [No.3 Dress], Life Guards, Royal Horse Guard (Blues & Royals) and 17th & 21st Lancers.

Action Man Grenadier Guards:


ACTION MAN GRENADIER GUARDS: Tunic, trousers, boots (lace-up), belt, bayonet, scabbard, frog, SLR rifle, bearskin, information leaflet. Equipment Manual.



The Action Man Grenadier Guard enjoyed many years of production - his popularity helped him span the whole of the 1970s. The SLR rifle of 1970/71 had a straight barrel shaft right up to the stock, and should be the same as in the inset photo below for the earliest year(s). Later SLR rifles had a slight conical shape widening to stop the barrel from breaking off from the body of the rifle so easily, progressing to a plastic strap after the mid-seventies. The bayonet hanger is tiny and is missing from the majority of vintage battle-scarred rifles. Tommy Gunn, Action Man's 'rival' also produced this uniform and differences can be noted. Later uniforms adopted thinner material and different collar - the three threads radiating from the ball are omitted and the detailed stitching was replaced by printed-on cuffs and back panels. The plastic belt should have very slight surface texture to it. The boots are the lace up type first seen on the British Infantryman, the earlier type are narrower, the later are larger. The trousers are similar colouring to the Action Man Royal Marines Dress uniform, however the stripe is a lot narrower. Pictured is an earlier Action Man 'painted head' figure dating from 1966 for display. The 'current' Action Man in 1970 would have just received flock hair (introduced in that year).

40th Range

Action Man Grenadier Guard - (1972 SLR rifle)

Action Man Grenadier Guard

Action Man Grenadier Guard - tunic detail earlier stitched type

Action Man Grenadier Guard tunic detail

Action Man SLR rifle of 1970/71 - straight barrel line

Action Man Grenadier Guard Bearskin - white plume to wearer's left

Action Man Grenadier Guard with customised Bearskin and wearing the RAF Working Dress Overcoat as a 'kitbashed' option. This was the beauty of creativity within the Action Man range.

Action Man Grenadier Guard Winter

Action Man Grenadier collar /button detail

Action Man Guards

Action Man Grenadier Guard Frog and Bayonet

Action Man Grenadier Guard belt buckle - belt has texture

Action Man Grenadier Guard - later type front - printed cuff panels (image courtesy of EagleEyesAction Station)

Action Man Grenadier Guard - later printed type reverse (image courtesy of EagleEyesAction Station)

Action Man Grenadier Guard Information Leaflet Front

Action Man Guards Leaflet

Action Man Grenadier Guard Information Leaflet Back

Action Man Grenadier Guards Leaflet

1970 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1970

Action Man Grenadier Guard Sets


GRENADIER GUARD 34125 (image courtesy of Vectis Auctions)


GRENADIER GUARD ('locker box') 34302 (image courtesy of Vectis Auctions)

GRENADIER GUARD 34020 (image courtesy of Vectis Auctions)