Escape Officer (Escape from Colditz) 1974

Period: Flock Head

Dates: 1974-c.76

Cat No: 34150

Colditz Escape Officer Description:

Originally launched in 1974 the [Escape from Colditz] 'Escape Officer', was part of a range built upon the success of a BBC TV series about Colditz Castle during World War 2. Also available was a Camp Kommandant and a Colditz Sentry. An 'Escape from Colditz' box set with Guard uniform, Escape Officer uniform, along with detailed accessories, a cardboard sentry box and escape papers was also a exceptional piece to own. The cardboard self assembly red case and map tube and map were only part of the full box set.

Action Man Escape Officer Set:


[ESCAPE FROM COLDITZ] ESCAPE OFFICER: Wool hat, cap, greatcoat, scarf, trousers, boots, Identity tag, compass, torch, mug, rope, suitcase (wooden stock, Luger pistol, barrel, transmitter and mic), forged documents, information leaflet, Equipment Manual.



The Action Man 'Escape from Colditz' Escape Officer had a greatcoat to the same pattern as the Camp Kommandant. Unlike the Kommandant, he wore no shirt beneath. The Action Man green attaché case was ingenious. Inside the components would clip together to form a rifle - made from a stolen Luger and scavanged parts whilst incarcerated one assumes. The Action Man Escape Officer had a choice of head-wear in the Army Officer's cap or a green woolen beanie hat. His scarf was the cross-woven muffler from the Talking Commander / Field Commander that frays readily. The 'current' Action Man in 1974 had flock hair and gripping hands (introduced in 1973). The uniform is shown on an earlier painted headAction Man figure dated between 1966-1969 for display.

40th Range

Action Man Escape Officer with cap

Action Man Colditz Escape Officer

Action Man Escape Officer with home made sentry box and guard

Action Man Escape Officer Luger rifle instructions

Action Man Escape Officer Cap

Action Man Escape Officer with woolen knitted hat

Action Man Escape Officer attaché case and Luger

Action Man Escape Briefcase

Imagined escaper using other available action man parts

1974 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1974

Action Man Escape Officer Set


ESCAPE OFFICER 34150 (image courtesy of Vectis Auctions)

Action Man Escpae From Colditz Escape Officer

ESCAPE OFFICER 34150 reverse (40th shown)

Action Man Colditz Booklet


Colditz Booklet

Colditz Booklet

Colditz Booklet

Colditz Booklet

Colditz Booklet

Colditz Booklet

Colditz Booklet

Colditz Booklet

Action Man Sentry Box Assembly Instructions


How to assemble carboard sentry box