British Infantryman (1967 type)

Period: Painted Head / Flock Head

Dates: 1967 until 1979

Cat No: 34114

Action Man British Infantryman

British Infantryman Description (Soldiers of the Century):

The basic Action Man Action Soldier figure from 1966, could be accessorised with one of these popular uniforms from the range entitled "Soldiers of the Century" that first appeared in c.1967 and appear in the 1968 Equipment Manual. They included the British Infantryman, German Stormtrooper, Russian Infantryman, Australian Jungle Fighter, French Resistance Fighter and American Green Beret. All sets were available in one complete set, or on two 'half cards'. Also included with the set was the 'Intelligence Manual' - showing line drawings of all the 'Soldiers of the Century', their equipment and a brief summary of their exploits. The original side panels on the packaging were adorned by artwork by American Sam Petrucci of the US design agency Thresher and Petrucci. A version of the British Infantryman outfit was launched in January 2017 within the 50th Anniversary range

Action Man Soldiers of the Century British Infantryman:


ACTION MAN BRITISH INFANTRYMAN SET: Tunic and trousers ('Battledress'), boots (lace-up), helmet, belt (with slider), gaiters (elastic), gas mask, Sten sub machine gun (elastic strap) and clip, Canteen and cover, Victoria Cross Medal, Intelligence Manual, Equipment Manual.

Action Man Soldiers of the Century British Infantryman Equipment 'Half' Cards:


ACTION MAN BRITISH INFANTRYMAN UNIFORM: Tunic and trousers ('Battledress'), helmet, gaiters, boots. Intelligence Manual, Equipment Manual.


ACTION MAN BRITISH INFANTRYMAN EQUIPMENT: Gas mask, gas mask bag, belt, canteen, canteen cover, Sten sub machine gun, Victoria Cross Medal. Intelligence Manual, Equipment Manual.



The Action Man British Infantryman was a very popular set, along with the Action Man German Stormtrooper in the Soldiers of the Century (SOTC) range. The range ran for many years and became Soldiers of the World (SOTW) in 1973 with slight visual modifications. SOTC 1st issue tunics were a heavier cotton drill fabric than the subsequent editions. It featured woven insignia rather than later printed. Gaiters generally were khaki/green becoming dark green/black in colour but there is good where exceptions are swopped. Sten gun had elastic strap and HASBRO HONG KONG molded into surface. Later were to progress to plastic straps. 1st issue gas mask had large aperture eye glasses with glazing (subsequent were smaller diameter and late versions dropped the glazing. The Sabotage set had a similar gas mask, but had only the end filter cassette. No hand grenades were issued with this set. The VC issues with Soldiers of the Century British Infantrymen and Australian Jungle Fighters had much detail and a darker red ribbon sticker. By the time of SOTW issues it would change to a red, and metal pressing deteriorated to noticeably less detail. During the years of production many shades of color for the uniform, belt and gas mask bag should be expected. Add to this fading from UV light, and washing, it is a challenge to get a matching set.

40th Range

1967 Action Man 'Soldiers of the Century' (SOTC) British Infantryman

Action Man British Infantryman

Action Man British Infantryman Insignia - woven (SOTC)

Action Man British Infantryman Gas Mask - twin filters, unlike Sabotage Set.

British Infantryman generally - SOTC and SOTW khaki/green (left), and SOTW dark green/black (right)

Action Man Lace up boots

Action Man British Infantryman SOTC prepared for gas attack

Action Man British Infantryman with 1st issue heavy weave battledress (SOTC)

Action Man British Soldier

Action Man British Infantryman Gas Mask - largest lenses (SOTC)

Action Man Gas Mask

Action Man British Infantryman SOTC Sten (top), and SOTW (bottom)

Action Man Victoria Cross Medal

Action Man Victoria Cross Medal

1968 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1968

Action Man British Infantryman Sets and Equipment Cards



Action Man 34114


Action Man 34215


Action Man 34225

Rear of box (Soldiers of the Century)

34225 (image courtesy of Vectis Auctions Ltd)

Action Man 34215

34215 (image courtesy of Vectis Auctions Ltd)

Back of Soldiers of the Century Card

soldiers of the century card

Action Man Intelligence Manual Pages


Action Man Soldiers of the Century Intelligence Manual

Intelligence Manual British Infantryman