Adventurer 1973

Period: Flock Head / Eagle Eyes

Dates: 1970 until c.1980

Cat No: Various

Action Man Adventurer

Action Man Adventurer (1973) Contents:

Jumper (blue)
Boots (short)
Plastic ID Tag (light grey, grey or silver)
Star Card
Equipment Manual

Adventurer Description:

The basic Action Man range of figures gained a flock haired Action Man Adventurer figure in 1970. This all-new Action Man Adventurer was flocked (brown or blond) with a full beard and had a white jumper, dark jeans and tan boots. The Action Man Adventurer of 1973 (34053) gained gripping hands, a new blue jumper, lighter trousers and black boots. It could be accessorised further by equipment card sets. He ran for approximately ten years, gaining Gripping Hands in 1973, and then Eagle Eyes in 1977.


Flock haired Action Man figures for the Action Soldier and Adventurer were launched in 1970 along with new style artwork boxes. The Sailor followed the next year. His original jumper was white and trousers a dark denim colour. His boots started life as short tan, but progressed to black by 1973. A blue jumper followed for the rest of production and is the more common. The Action Man Adventurer figure of 1970 had flock brown or blond beard and hard hands. It is said the original beards were 'fuller' around the lips and under the chin, possibly more so than the figure pictured, and by the advent of gripping hands in 1973, the beards were 'tidier' like pictured. The box pictured was sold for £2.67 in 1973 (equivalent value of £31 in 2017)

Action Man Adventurer of 1973

Action Man Adventurer 1973

Action Man of 1973 - Hands that really grip

Action Man Gripping Hands Leaflet

Action Man Adventurer of 1973

1973 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1973

Action Man leaflet

Action Man Adventurer in Equipment Manuals


1970 Equipment Manual inclusion

1975 Equipment Manual inclusion

1973 Equipment Manual inclusion

1977 Equipment Manual inclusion

Action Man Adventurer Boxed Figures


c.1970 Action Man Adventurer 34012 (wrong boots)
(image courtesy of Vectis Auctions)
Action Man early Adventurer

c.1975 Action Man Adventurer 34053
(image courtesy of Vectis Auctions)

c.1970 Action Man Adventurer 34012
(image courtesy of Vectis Auctions)