Deluxe Action Pilot 2018 (Age 3+)

Period: Current

Dates: November 2018 -

Cat No: AM721

Action Man Deluxe Pilot (Age 3+) Description:

"Action Man is the genuine movable action figure and we are celebrating three of the most popular figures of all time; the Soldier, the Sailor and the Pilot. Each of the limited edition figures has a new body, new uniform and a vintage style head with detailed features. Every figure still has the distinctive scar and a new life-size version of the iconic dog tag.


Enjoy dusting off your current collection and visiting the loft to see what Action Man treasures it holds.


It’s time to introduce a new generation to the all new Action Man."


In November 2018 a new kiddies Action Man Action Soldier was introduced in the UK. This child-oriented limited articulation figure is low cost and intended to compete with other franchise kid's action figures. RRP on launch was £20. He is produced by Art + Science International, the current licence holders.


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Action Man (kids) Action Pilot with accessories:



Action Man basic figure (black hair)

Parachute backpack (molded)

Black Helmet with clear visor

Light blue flight-suit



Black Boots

Dog Tags



The new 'kiddies' (age 3+) Action Man (or KAM as it has been suggested by a collector on AMHQ Forum) has the hallmark classic style headsculpt with his distinctive right cheek scar. The new body is of the 'Ken' type with more limited articulation than has been seen before - reminiscent of the 'Hasbro' type of the nineties period. All limbs swivel fully in sockets, and the knees bend and click. The figure sits well - in fact better than the original figure. Head revolves 360˚ and his hands are fixed but slightly supple.

Each of the new figures in this 'deluxe' range with accessories - Soldier (Blond), Sailor (Brown) and Pilot (Black) have a particular hair colour.

His uniform is basically tailored and accurately resembles a Apollo test pilot of the 1960s - of the light blue type artworked on the GI Joe Action Pilot box of 1964 (and Action Man 1966). The flight suit has a velcro fastening. Action Man has a black helmet with sliding clear visor, scale sunglasses, molded wristwatch, and highly detailed left and right boots. Also supplied are a molded parachute pack with cross over elastic harness. His dog tags are to scale for the first time in Action Man's illustrious history, and have a pair of metal Action Man logo tags on a miniature chain with familiar ball and canoe fastening. Collectors will note the outfit will fit a classic Action Man 1966 figure.

A basic version of the Pilot with different uniform and no accessories was also launched.

It is expected that an advanced super articulated is likely to surface soon aimed at the adult collector.

2018 Action Man Deluxe Action Pilot Age 3+

Action Man Deluxe pilot figure  2018

2018 Action Man Deluxe Box Design

Action Man Deluxe pilot 2018

Art and Science Action Man Pilot for 2018 in vintage Combat Plane

Action Man Deluxe pilot 2018

Art and Science Action Man 'Deluxe' line for 2018 - Age 3+

Action Man Soldier 2018

Action Man pilot finally gets his light blue Apollo pilot flight suit as illustrated on vintage boxes.

Action Man Soldier 2018

2018 Action Man Deluxe Pilot and Box Age 3+

Action Man Deluxe pilot 2018

Action Man Action Pilot Headsculpt for 2018

Action Man Soldier 2018 Head

Back of Action Man Box

Action Man Soldier 2018

Action Man body type for the kids range Age 3+ 2018 (soldier shown)

Action Man Soldier 2018

Vintage Action Man wearing some of the new uniform and accessories from 2018

Action Man Soldier 2018

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Action Man Action Soldier