The following pages show complete or near complete Hasbro Action Man figures from the recent past made by Hasbro (1993-2006), including Action Man enemies such as Gangrene, Dr.X and No Face. Start your journey through the Action Man picture gallery. The period covered by this gallery is 1993 to 2006. We intend to build this section to include most, if not all Hasbro Action Men figures and vehicles and sets. Simply click the picture of an Action Man below to go to that page. Enjoy!


Click on any picture above. Pictured above are: Action Man Battle Force | Operation Jungle | Aqua Blaster | Shark Atak | Mortar Combat Mission Raid | Aqua Mission | Action Man Vs. Dr.X | Mission Manta | Kongo Mission | Camo Atak | Altitude Atak | Action Man Astronaut | Redwolf | Urban Mission | Samurai Mission | Dr.X and Dragon X | No Face | X Robot | Antifreeze | XBot | Toxic Robot | Tempest | Scuba Mission | Kung Fu | Gangrene | Mission Amazone | Power Arm Ninja | Arctic Wolf | Arctic Rally Driver | Air Surfer

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