Planetary Patrol Vehicle 1980

Period: Eagle Eyes

Dates: 1980

Cat No: 77014

Planetary Patrol Vehicle Contents:

Planetary Patrol Vehicle

Space cannon/laser

Grab handles x 2

Sticker Sheet

Instruction Sheet

Equipment Poster?


Space Ranger Planetary Patrol Vehicle Description:

The Planetary Patrol Vehicle launched in 1980 was a vehicle designed for the Space Ranger range of Action Man - designed to take on the might of the Star Wars franchise. It was basically the 'Power Hog' produced with a black hull and featuring a light grey cannon/laser gun mounted to the front of the craft in one of the two holes included in this body molding. Colourful stickers helped disguise this familiar vehicle from the former, and it is one of the rarer pieces of transport for Eagle Eye Action Man.


This particular Hasbro-designed vehicle is not too common but is fairly robust - not too many are broken beyond practical use although the stickers are prone to spoiling (buy repro stickers here) . It should come with space cannon/laser, and two black grab handles (often missing), which like the Power Hog, connect to the rear wing panel tops. The headlight stickers are made from a thicker reflective foil material. The box gave seven stars to save against other gifts.

Action Man Planetary Partol Vehicle Box
(Image courtesy of Vectis Auctions) Action Man Space Ranger vehicle

Action Man Planetary Patrol Vehicle contents
(Image courtesy EagleEyeActionStation)

Action Man L230

Action Man Planetary Patrol Vehicle Instructions L230

Action Man L230

Action Man Planetary Patrol Vehicle Box
(Image courtesy of Hansons Auctions)

Action Man Planetary Patrol Vehicle

Action Man Power Hog - shared the same DNA

Action Man Sea Wolf arm

But replacement Planetary Patrol Vehicle stickers here

Action Man Planetary Patrol Vehicle Stickers